3 July 2013

June Favourites

Seriously, where does time go? I can't believe i'm back again with another month of favourites. The month ahead brings lots of exciting things, and here on the blog you'll be getting a post every other day, like last Summer, for at least the next two months and we'll see how it goes. I loved some really new and exciting things, for me, last month so i thought i'd share them with you!

Mark Hill Get Gorgeous! Turn up the Heat Extreme Heat Protection Spray | I'm trying to take much better care of my hair and believe it or not, i've never really used a heat protectant - slap on wrist! So, i thought i'd incorporate one into my hair routine. I did a lot of research before purchasing one as i have naturally oily, fairly thin hair and a lot of products can make my hair greasy but i came across this one and it's claims were just what i was looking for. I've kind of fallen in love with this product, it smells divine - somewhere between sweets and Marc Jacob's Daisy. It's very lightweight and it has a great, even spray so doesn't weigh down the hair and doesn't spray in a direct shoot, it's more like a mist. I've really found this to be an easy product to slip into my routine and, so far, it seems to be working for me.

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverSleek Smooth Intense Mask | This has done wonders for my new golden locks, i love this product! I thought i should purchase a deep conditioner to help with transitioning my hair back to blonde, and this is the one i plumped for. It's great, it's really easy to apply and leaving it on for five minutes really smooths and takes care of my hair. It doesn't weigh it down, it just leaves my hair smooth and tamed.

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil UV Filter for Coloured Hair | I use this little beauty in conjunction with the L'Oreal Intense Mask. After i've washed off the mask, i just pop a few pumps of this right on the tips of my hair to make sure they're really taken care of as that's my most damaged area, like many. It has a slightly strange smell but i can get over that, and it sits nicely on the hair for a few minutes and washes off easily. It just leaves the ends a little more moisturised and seems to help with split ends and fly aways.

Essie Nail Polish Buy Me a Cameo | This has been my go-to shade for my nails for pretty much all of June. It's stayed on my toes all month, as i just think it's a great colour for matching everything. I do not do nudes whether it's on my lips or on my nails, it just doesn't suit me, but this for me is my nude. It matches everything so i don't have to worry about switching all the time and i love that it's intensely shimmery. It comes out slightly lighter on the nails then it appears in the bottle, which i really love and it's super shiny.

Aqueous Cream | I have a real problem with eczema and my main problem area is under my arms. This has really helped me calm things down, it moisturises the area and works great after i've showered. It's thick but nothing too much for the sensitive area and just really helps me to combat sore patches and itches.

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Wash | I love this product, it's the newest product in my skincare routine and you'll be hearing much more about it in my new routine post soon. This has just really helped transform my skin, and keeps blemishes at bay or helps to combat ones that have already arrived. It seems to blur my acne scarring and i love it.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sorbet & Wild Watermelon | I just love these shades, especially when the Summer comes around. They're not totally opaque but they're also not just a sheer wash of colour. They're such fun shades for the season and they don't dry my lips at all, which i sometimes have a problem with. If you haven't tried the lip butters before then i highly recommend them, they're my favourite lip products now.

Alpen Light Cereal Bars | I'm really trying to clean up my eating, now i really don't eat badly at all and even for the month of June i had a no sweets eating ban which i successfully completed. Now, when it comes to my diet and dieting i don't see the point in totally cutting out the good stuff. What's the point in entirely cutting out carbs for four weeks and then hitting a goal your happy with, introducing them back in and piling it back on. I just think everything in moderation, and i decided to look into healthy but fun snacks i could have when i'm having a sweet craving - although i'm not entirely cutting out sweets now, where's the fun in that forever!? This is great, it's so low in calories but it really hits the spot when you want something sweet. This lemon one is so zingy and tasty, i would recommend giving this a go.

Yankee Candle in Wild Passionfruit | I love candles, Yankee Candles especially and this is my new favourite scent especially for the season. It's just so fruity and delicious, i love it. I especially love the two wick candles as it just helps to burn the entire thing down.


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  1. Those lip butter shades look SO pretty and I think I need that candle in my life! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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