5 July 2013

#YOTM | Youtubers of the Month (JUNE)

Really, July? Really? Where does time go, honestly, where does it go? So, i'm back again this month with my Youtubers of the Month and i have to say that because this is quite a new series i'm doing it's so much harder for me to choose! There are so many Youtubers i love to watch on a weekly, or daily, basis so it'll take me some time to get through the ones that i love. I'm just going with the ones i'm loving most at the moment and eventually i'm sure i'll be discovering new ones to share with you, but for now here we go!

It's Judy's Life is pretty self explanatory. Judy shares her life consisting of herself, her husband Benji and their beautiful baby daughter Julianna.

Judy is just so addicting, i find myself saying things that she says or phrasing things in the same way that she does; so just a warning, you might find yourself putting 'bear' after everyone and everything if you begin watching her. (If you watch her already, you'll know what i mean!)

This family seems to get a lot of hate, as do many vlogging families on Youtube, but i just can't understand why. It's pretty simple, this just video their everyday lives to show others what they get up to, it's really easy watching. Their lovely daughter, Julianna, is adorable and it's great to watch her grow up and his those milestones. Judy and Benji have a wonderful best friend relationship with is so refreshing and amazing to watch. They can take the mick out of each other without hurting one anothers feelings, but they're also not afraid to let their audience know when they have or when they're fighting. They're very open and honest, and it's great to see how other people live their lives.

The Schuerman Show follows the lives of the Lovely Sam, her husband Jay and their children Pheonix and Lily. 

This family is just so fun! Sam is a SAHM (Stay at home Mom) while Jay was working long hours to provide but thankfully he's now a Stay at home Dad! It's honestly just so humbling to see them work so hard to look after their little family. Sam does a truly amazing job of raising the children while Jay's at work but somehow the little routine they have going really works for them and these children could not be more loved. When i'm watching the Schuermans i just can't help but see all the love and hard work that goes into this family, and it's just lovely.

They're possibly a little more restricted than It's Judy's Life but no less interesting to watch, it's very children focused but it's so lovely to see them grow and work as a unit.

Until next month!


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