5 June 2013

#YOTM | Youtubers of the Month (MAY)

To go along with my newly introduced monthly favourites, i thought i'd add in a Youtubers of the month post. I really do love Youtube, and the community that goes along with it. So, i thought i'd share with you two of the people i've been loving month to month. So, who was i loving in May?

This won't always occur but it just so happens that i've selected two vlogging channels this month, i just love getting to know the people behind the camera and seeing what other people get up to day to day. I really enjoy watching American vloggers, as it's a nice change from what i see all over the place in England.

The first of the two is the Shaytards.

The Shaytards is made up of Dad: Shay Carl, Mum: Mommytard or Katilette on Youtube and Children: Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard, Rocktard and Baby-on-the-way-tard (which we just found out is a baby boy! Woohoo!) and basically, they film their life every day and have done for the past four years. It's amazing watching the kids grow up and seeing how they change, and develop. They're such a loving family and despite all the hate they get, they're so supportive of one another, they love each other and love life and that totally comes across in the vlogs. Another thing i love about this family is the community they've built. Everyone feels so involved and they love for you to go up and say hi, if you ever see them. They're always doing meet ups if the opportunity arises and they just love to spread the love! When they attended Playlist live this year they even started a running club with their subscribers which i think was awesome, that really adds to the family feel they're always trying to create. They also taught me to choose happiness which i think is a pretty important lesson in life.

Shay is also creating a documentary at the moment, which sounds amazing. He's been travelling the USA, and some of the world to interview the greatest Youtube sensations to feature in the documentary. It sounds great and it's such an amazing goal that he's got. I just really look up to this family, even their four (nearly five) wonderful children. They're inspirational and my life was made last week when Shay tweeted me back. Just AWESOME. So, go and check them out! It'll be worth it. Honest.

The second of my two Youtubers is Jen Ross on her channel MyHousewifeLife.

I orginally found her through her first channel OrganizedlikeJen and have watched her grow in confidence and in her Youtube career. I've watched her introduce the TheBusyBeeBuzz and start her blog at Organizedjen.com, which was a great achievement for her. On MyHousewifeLife she shares her day to day life; walking her sweet little dog, Winnie, her errands, her vacations, her marriage and it's just a lot of fun. She's sweet and honest, and that's really all there is to it. She seems to get a lot of hate because she lives in quite a large home, but she takes the criticism very well and is honest with her viewers, ask their opinions and acts like an human being would act. I think if you just want easy watching, then Jen is the gal for you.


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