9 June 2013

Lucky Charms

I'm back with the second of my big birthday gifts, what girl doesn't need pretty jewellery, eh?

Like i said in my bag post, i never wanted jewellery as a gift but it wasn't until i gave a look at the Thomas Sabo website that i fell in love a little bit. I'm really not a pandora fan, i really don't get the cult following it gets. Thomas Sabo, however, has a much nicer feel. I love the brand values and the styling, it's much more up my street.

I'd never been into a Thomas Sabo store before but when i was out with my parents visiting another city, we came across a store so decided to take a look. I knew what i was interested in after looking them up online, so it was easy when the assistant asked whether i wanted to try anything. I loved the cultured pearl bracelet from first glance, i mean what's not to love? It's so classic and goes with so much. After trying it on and it fitting perfectly, i couldn't very well leave it behind could i? So, it was mine. Picking the charms was simple too. I knew i wanted the K and i also knew that i didn't want a 21 - i felt it was a bit limiting, and i wouldn't really want to wear it for long. So, i settled on a four leaf clover - it seemed quite appropriate as i'm at a time in my life when i could really do with luck on my side. And that was that! I was in and out within 30 minutes with my new birthday gift, left beautifully wrapped until the big day.

I can honestly say that now i've had time to actually wear it, it really is a beautiful piece. It matches everything and makes any outfit a little nicer. The quality is great and it feels very luxurious.


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