2 June 2013

May Favourites

I feel like i've finally got the time to get this blog back on track. I'm at home for Summer, finally, and i've currently got plenty of time on my hands. So, i'm hoping to begin posting twice weekly for the time being and post any other posts on top that i feel necessary. I'm also hoping to give some kind of structure to the blog, starting with the infamous monthly favourites posts. I love watcing these kinds of videos on Youtube so thought i'd test out the theory here too. This first month i've started with lots of things i've been loving, and using, for quite a while to ease myself in and thrown a few new favourite in there too. Next month i plan to make an effort to post about newer favourites. So, lets hop right in!

Sanex Dermo-Sensitive Anti-Perspirant | For quite a while now i've been having very problem under arms. Ever since i was little, i've struggled with eczema. I used to get it on my elbows, my knees, behind my ears and even once had a very bad bought on my face. As i've grown up i've come to realise that it seems to be caused by stress; whether in my head i'm stressed, or not, my body seems to think something else. Currently, the location i'm having serious problems with is under my arms. It becomes incredibly dry, red and sore; sometimes so bad that i can barely put down my arms so wearing deodrant become a serious issue. During the Winter, it wasn't so bad - my doctor asked me to just not wear it and i was prescribed creams to help soothe the area but now it's becoming Summer i want to feel more protected. I've gotten the problem a lot more under control and have learnt a lot more about what my body needs, so i began to hunt for a deodorant that didn't irritate me. I used to use Dove but unfortunately since it's began to flare up again, this irritates my skin even when the eczema isn't too bad. So, i came across Sanex and it's advertised to help with sensitive skin and, so far, it doesn't seem to be making anything worse. It feels soft on the skin and it doesn't really have much of a horrid scent, which is my pet peeve in my deodorants. It seems to stay on all day and keeps the area healthy and happy, so if you have sensitive skin i'd recommend giving this a go.

Good Things Miracle Mattifier Lotion | This is my holy grail moisturiser, and i will continue to buy this product until it gives me any reason not to! I have oily/combination skin and have forever had the bad habit of touching/wiping my face because of the excess oil my skin was producing. When i began using this product, the amount of time i found myself wanting, or needing, to touch my face was drastically reduced. Although it doesn't totally get rid of all the oil produced on my face, it seriously reduces it which has really helped me combat other skin issues. It totally mattifies the skin and if you leave it a few minutes to set before you apply your make up it really helps to keep your make up in place too.

Good Things Stay Clear Anti Blemish Cleanser | I love this cleanser, i love way it makes my skin feel after i've used it. This is the best cleanser i've found, for my skin. It seems to really, thoroughly clean my skin and really helps my make up to sit better after i've used it. I've found that the best way for me to use this is to use it in the evening, and then it has all night to work into my skin and by the morning my skin is ready and prepped for me to apply my make up. I generally use this almost every day, especially if i've worn make up that day. I'm by no means a skincare expert,  there seems to be so many tips, tricks and rules but i just tend to go by what my skin likes and i've found this to really work for me.

St. Ives Blemish Fighting Facial Scrub | I sometimes wonder if this is a little too harsh for my skin, but after deciding to use it less frequently i've found that it really does work for me. I've tried the gentle scrub from the St. Ives range and i don't think that does anything at all for me. I love the scent of this, it's refreshing and i this definitely does clean my face. It's not really rough and there are scrubs out there with much more abrasive particles but i've found that if i use it less frequently it really does help my skin.

Burts Bees Beeswax Lipbalm | I've used this product forever. When i was little i used to get such bad dry lips and did the typical child thing and lick them when they get dry and make them even more sore! I found that this is the only product that actually helps with the problem. Lots of other supposedly moisturising lip products, like Vaseline, seems to just make my problem worse but this seems to get rid of it overnight if you catch it soon enough.

OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener | You need to go and buy this. Now. I have tried every nail strengthener out there and this is the only one that actually does what it says on the tin. Not only does it help to improve the health of your nails but in turn it truly does help them to grow. I have seen a huge improvement in my nail health since i've been using this and even though it can be pretty pricey this is probably my third or fourth bottle and i will continue to buy it.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel | Who doesn't need hand sanitizer? And this one smells good? WINNER.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Insurance Spray | I have spoken about this product a bunch of time, i love it and it really has helped my damage hair but i won't bore you again - just go read my review here if you want to learn more!

Claire's Accessories Fireball Acrylic Thong BraceletThomas Sabo Pearl Charm Carrier, K Charm & Clover Charm & Primark Charm Bracelet | This little trio all became from my beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet that i got for my birthday. You'll hear more about that soon, but i wanted to build a little arm candy collection so i went on the look out for some options that matched with it. They needed to be silver to go, which is what i found so difficult but i fell across both of these in the same day. The Primark bracelet is actually a charm bracelet but i just love the look of it on it's own and really matches my Sabo bracelet. The little Claire's addition just ties everything together and i just love the look. It's simple and matches almost everything i wear, so for a small price tag it was a great buy.

The Body Shop Facial Brush with Lid | I use this little guy every day with my Good Things cleanser and my St. Ives scrub. I just feel like it intensely cleans my skin and i really get a kick out of that, i love the way it makes my skin feel. I find it just really helps for my cleanser to foam and to get my scrub distributed all over my face, it's a great addition to my skincare regime.

River Island Silver Tone Long Cross Pendant Necklace | Like the idiot i am, when i came home for Summer i forgot my most favourite necklaces. So, i needed to get myself a gold and a silver number just so i had something to accessorise with and i don't know why but i never looked at River Island jewellery. I always go to Topshop and am just horrified at the pricing but after searching online, River Island actually has a great selection of jewellery and at really great prices. I've got almost this exact necklace from Topshop in gold and it cost me £15, this one was £5. You do the math!

H&M Star Print Scarf | I just love how Summery this scarf is, the cream goes with everything and i just love the neon coral scarfs. I'm kinda on a pink kick at the moment so it goes with a lot and i've been wearing it a lot this month. It's nice and light, and i love it!

So, that's the first of my monthly favourites. What do you think and what do you want to see?


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  1. I love the Aussie spray conditioner - my hair feels so silky smooth! Glad to see you like it too. Love your favourites post - I look forward to another :)

    Chlo | www.chloodonnell.co.uk



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