29 May 2013

Pick up a Party Bag

It's about time i filled you all in on the beautys that were my 21st birthday presents. There was all sorts of lovely toiletries, stationary and make up bits galore but i thought it best to keep the posts to the two main gifts i received. So, here we go! 

I thought long and hard about what i wanted for my birthday. For a very long time i was completely clueless about something special i'd like for my 21st. There's so much pressure about 21st birthday presents, especially as it's traditional to be gifted something that you're going to cherish and keep forever. Now, although i did end up with jewellery as well, i knew i didn't want jewellery to be my special gift because, frankly, i'm just too forgetful. I love costume jewellery but anything fancy, especially bracelets, i often even forget to put on.

I finally decided i knew what i wanted, and i didn't know why i hadn't thought of it sooner. A bag. I've forever been a bag-a-holic and my parents have forever joked about my rather large selection of them. So once i had decided on the type of gift, it began the long, hard task of finding the one - and trust me when i say it was long, and it was hard. I scoured every designer from every country. I didn't have a huge budget, when it comes to designer bags anyway, so i settled on looking at my favourite American designers that are somewhere between highstreet and designer.

Watching Youtube teaches me everything from new beauty launches to brands i've never heard of, and watching my favourite American Youtube gurus talking about cult bag brands gave me the idea to look a little further into my two favourites - Rebecca Minkoff and Kate Spade. I love Rebecca Minkoff but her bags are very thin in width and i wanted something that i could fit everything i needed in. So, after trawling Kate Spade's online site i fell in love with this little beauty.

Long story short, i looked in John Lewis', Debenhams' and even took a trip to Bicester Village - looking in the Kate Spade outlet there too - but nothing quite lived up to the Georgina. Luckily, i found out that Kate Spade has a few stores located in London ad i'm lucky enough to have a dad who works away in London quite often. So, with one quick call to Kate Spade Sloane Square, my beautiful little bag was saved ready for my dad to pick up the next day - and the rest is history.

I could not be happier about my choice, it's exactly what i wanted. I, like everyone else, am in love with the classic Chanel quilted flap bags but with a price tag well out of my budget it was never quite going to be. This, however, is an amazing alternative. I was a little concerned about the size as you never can be quite sure about measurements when you haven't got the bag right in front of you but it's perfect. It's larger at the bottom and comes up into a, sort of, triangular shape with the top being a little thinner but it's not at all a problem. It fits everything i need to carry day to day, like an umbrella, a cardigan, sunglasses, a notepad and, of course, my huge River Island purse with space for a few other bits. It's just so stylish and brings together any outfit. I love that it has small handles and a cross body style handle, so i can be worn a variety of ways.

Overall i could not be happier with this bag, it's amazing quality and the customer service, start to finish, with Kate Spade was smooth and easy. I'd highly recommend checking them out if you're new to the brand or to take that plunge if you've been lusting after one for a while. It really will be worth the wait!


P.S: I'm trying out a new posting schedule; now i'm home for Summer i'm going to try to post twice weekly - let me know what you think!

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  1. Ohh it's SO beautiful! Such a lovely gift <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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