14 January 2013

Whizz Pop, Whizz Bang

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So, this is how i spent my New Year. I had a wonderful few days, in London, with my Mr and we had plenty of things to make our New Year one to remember. 

He surprised me with taking me out to Zizzi's for Dinner on New Years Eve. I've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity and i have to say, that was one of the most delicious meals i've had in a long time. The atmosphere was lovely, it was well priced and the food was fab. Double thumbs up and extra brownie points to the Mr. In the end we decided that as we were prepared for going out into the night to watch the fireworks, we couldn't not go. We had fully decided that we were not going to stand out in the rain for hours but the rain subsided so we braved the crowds and boy were their crowds. I'm glad that we've done it once but we wouldn't do it again. Most of the viewing areas were closed but we managed to get a spot on Waterloo bridge not too far from the front. I advise that if you ever get the chance to go, go early, take a seat and a picnic. People had been waiting since 3PM and we just weren't prepared to do that. However, the atmosphere was amazing, the view was amazing and i got to spend it with an awesome guy somewhere just as awesome, so win win.

On New Years Day i indulged in my first football match, at an away game at Upton Park - the West Ham ground. As an avid Norwich supporter (kinda) we were in the minority, obviously, but it was such an amazing experience and although i still don't get why footballers get paid so much to kick a ball around a field, i do finally get why my Mr loves it so much. I'm already looking forward to my next game and i love that it's something we can share. Of course, it was Tuesday and the day ended in Dominos and it was the first time i'd ever thought to go for a half and half pizza. It was a good decision.

This New Year made me love London even more, and i seem to fall in love every time i go back. Behind all the bricks and mortar, there's something quite beautiful really.


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