10 January 2013

(Not a) Christmas Haul

So, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and aren't too blue about getting back to reality. January's always a little on the gloomy side but this year, i'm striving to keep positive; so i thought i'd give you all a run down of the things i was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. Now, i'm starting to see "What i got for Christmas" Youtube videos and blog posts pop up all over the place and they all begin with the same spiel, so i will also begin mine with the same feel. I was a thoroughly lucky girl this year, and i am grateful for everything i received. I'm not bragging about what i got, i just feel incredibly lucky and i'd just like to share with you my thoughts and feelings about some things. There. Now that's out the way, lets get on with the post.

 Enrapture Totem Styler

I have been lusting after this styler since it popped up on the blogging scene. More recently, i have found myself wanting things that i see on blogs and vlogs. They're a great way to get an honest opinion about a product, and often you get a first glimpse at new things. The Enrapture Totem Styler is owned by blogging babes across the land, and this Christmas i was lucky enough to get my mitts on one too. It was, luckily, half price in the Boots catalogue so i was quick to let my Mum know about it. I'm yet to give this a full test run, but it looks promising and i love the amount of choice available; it's like ten stylers in one. I also love the barrel size, because i have fine hair i've always gone for the smaller barrels but actually i hate the tightly curled look so this is perfect. Now my hair is (finally) growing, i'm looking forward to experimenting away from my usual style.

The Classic 13" Navy Blue Cambridge Satchel

I actually asked for this little beauty for my birthday because they're not the cheapest option, but my lovely parents gifted me this for Christmas instead. It's perfect. I already own a purple 15" Cambridge Satchel which is great for carting around things i need for University, but it's a little on the big side for when i just want to pop out or go shopping. So this navy blue 13" Satchel is just perfect! It fits everything in that i need with me on a day to day basis, with little room for anything else which is even better so i don't end up carrying around rubbish. It matches my Topshop coat perfectly and i couldn't love it more!

GHD IV Professional Styler

My poor, poor six-year-old, original GHDs are finally beginning to give up the ghost. They don't heat up like they used to or keep the temperature up while styling, so it was about time i got a new pair. They're nothing too fancy, just your classic stylers but unlike my old pair these have a bleeping system for letting you know when they're hot - brilliant - and they're super fast too.

Ipad with Retina Display

Now, this really was a surprise and a serious shock. I was not expecting neither had i asked or ever let on that i would like one of these but my lovely Dad was spot on. I never, in a million years, would have said i wanted an iPad. I thought they were pointless and a halfway house between an iPhone and a Mac but how wrong was i. It's brilliant, especially for travelling. I can blog, read and watch on the go which is - when i'm not working - what i use my Mac for, mainly. I can store books on it which is making me want to and easier to read, as well as watching TV programmes on catch up, films and Youtube videos. It's amazing and seeing as my Mr and i live apart it's just perfect for travelling with and doesn't weigh a tonne. I'm in love.

Hugo Boss NUIT Perfume & Body Lotion

I was sent this fragrance as a sample from Boots and although it's not my usual bag, i was hooked and instantly loved it. It's a gorgeous half fruity, half floral, a little sweet, a little musky scent and i just love it. I've never own a Hugo Boss fragrance and am usually a Marc Jacobs girl (although i was lucky enough to be gifted Marc Jacob's new scent DOT by my wonderful Mr and it's my new favourite smell!) but this is actually something a little fancier than my Zara day to day perfume. I love it.

A Soap & Glory Bundle

It seems as though everyone knows that i'm a Soap & Glory nut because i was bought three S&G sets this year, including the mammoth Best of All set from Boots. It's official. I can bathe the nation and still have some left over. I'm so excited to try everything as i've heard a lot of the products raved about, especially Peaches & Clean. Most of all, i'm very happy that as a poor student i won't have to buy bath or shower products for a while!

So, there we have it. A peek into what i got for Christmas, i feel incredibly lucky and everything has got a lovely new home. What did you get for Christmas?



  1. Wow some amazing gifts there you lucky girl! I have a cambridge satchel and I love it. The quality is amazing and they last so well xx

  2. Wow Kat you were truly spoilt! I adore the satchel, and I like how it's been personalised too :)
    The iPad is pretty fab too and I must admit I'm such a S&G girl! ♥ xxx


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