17 January 2013


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In the words of Joey Tribbiani: "London Baby!"

I seem to be declaring my love for the capital quite often of late, but thanks to my Mr being stationed there full time now - for work - i get to spend a fair about of time there too.

Last week i got to spend the majority of my days in London, mostly while the Mr was at work so i got to the opportunity to do some exploring and wandering around.

There is so much to do in, and around, London and so many things to see. You could spend an entire day purely walking, not paying for anything, and you wouldn't be bored.

My favourite activity of the week actually did involve my partner. On Sunday, we went for a late lunch at Chiquitos - which was delicious - in Leicester Square and by the time we had finished, it was becoming dusky and dark. We decided to walk from Leicester Square to Westminster and then take a stroll down the Thames, all the way to London Bridge. Honestly, in all my time of visiting the capital it's definitely one of my favourite things i've done. As we got further down the Thames, it got darker and the lights shone on the river making beautiful reflections in the water. I got to see the Shard up close for the first time, and something i'd really love to do this year is go alway the up to the observation deck - despite the £25 price tag and the advanced bookings.

All in all, i'm declaring my love for London. The novelty never wears off for me, and i have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't even if i were lucky enough to call it home. I'm hoping to spend even more time there this year, and to take lots of opportunities.


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  1. Lovely blog! My teenage daughter has been asking me to take her to London for vacation. It looks so nice! Might have to go there soon. I'm a new follower. Feel free to follow back!

    xx, Gina



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