7 January 2013


After reading Jennie's 'Sometimes' post, i thought it was a lovely idea and decided to take inspiration from her! Go over to Sailboat to read what Jennie sometimes does, too.

- Sometimes i think i'm going to try a new Coffee Shop drink, but i always end up with my favourite. Hot Chocolate.

- Sometimes i buy backups of backups just so i never run out of products.

- Sometimes i have days where i don't do my make up, or my hair and spend all day in my 'daytime pyjamas'. Doesn't everyone have daytime pyjamas?

- Sometimes i panic and there's absolutely no need.

- Sometimes i like to do things on my own or just spend time alone, but not because i'm antisocial just because it's nice to have some space.

- Sometimes i wonder whether where i'm headed is actually the right path, but i figure you should always do it because you love it.

- Sometimes i think that just sitting around is such a waste of life and i'd much rather be out exploring, seeing something new or just doing something i enjoy (shopping).

- Sometimes i forget that there's always someone less fortunate than you.



  1. Sometimes I just like to spend some time alone too ♥ xxx


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