6 October 2012

#OOTD A Tartan Shirt

Tartan Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: New Look | Belt: Primark | Necklace: New Look | Super Cosy Tights: Primark | Chelsea Boots: River Island

I never thought i would say this, because it's really not my season, but i'm ready to completely embrace the Autumn weather. However, i really hate this in between sun and rain kind of weather - you just never know how to dress, i much prefer it to either be warm or cold and nothing in between. As you saw in my previous post i'm in love with pencil skirts and i think they're a great piece to dress up or down.

I love this outfit because it's something i can really take from day to night, i was considering wearing a variation of this outfit to an event soon because it's comfortable but paired with a statement necklace, bag and a heel it's that little bit dressier. I also really love it when you can 'shop your stash' ie, shop your own wardrobe and re-love something that you'd forgotten about or gone off of - like this shirt, for me. I bought it probably about two years ago and when i got it it was a boyfriend style, so really baggy, and hadn't been advertised as so on Topshop.com. I instantly didn't like it, but loved the print so took it in and made pleat panels at the back and i began to wear it. However, does anyone else get that when they put a stigma to something as soon as you get a bad feeling towards it? Well, i just couldn't shake the unlove and it's been sitting in my drawer ever since but now i've picked it up, dusted it off and i'm trying again. Now, i absolutely love it and think it's perfect for this season - and really statement.

This is just an ideal Autumn outfit for me, and this season i'm vowing to dress that little bit more me. I don't know why but during the colder months i tend to dress pretty dull, i hate the cold and i end up just plumping for easy, warm outfits like jeans and jumpers. So styles like this are a great alternative for me.

How do you like to dress in the Autumnal months?



  1. I love the shirt, gorgeous outfit! x

  2. I love the tartan shirt Kat, it reminds me of Gwen Stefani a little. I'm glad to hear you're embracing autumn ♥xxx


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