4 October 2012

Living Like a Second Year

 Bedding: Dunelm Mill | Chests of Drawers: IKEA | Bookcase: IKEA | Full Length Mirror: Argos | Table Mirror: Argos | Curtains: Argos | Laundry Basket: Argos | Storage Boxes: WH Smith & Ebay | Lamp: Dunelm | Blanket: Primark | Bunting: Amazon & Ebay

I'm finally back and settled into my new flat, in Southampton. I'm just finishing my first week back at Uni and i feel like it's been none stop! I just thought i'd do a little update post and show you my new room like i said i would when i did my Home posts at the beginning of Summer.

I absolutely adore my new room and i've settled very well into it. The whole flat, including my room, is super homely, warm and inviting which is what my flatmate Nicole and i wanted from it. We spent a great deal of time, effort and money making the place our own and we're very happy with the result. We've had a few teething problems here and there, for example with our recycling bin and heating timer, but they've been smoothed out by the lovely maintenance man. We're in a lovely spot because we're not super close to the busy nightlife of Southampton, we're only 5 minutes walk from our friends and only about 10 - 15 minutes walk from University.

It's starting to get a little chilly down here in the South, and i'm really beginning to feel it! We get the weirdest weather here, on the coast, when it's warm it can be very warm but it also gets very cold here too and of course there are the days when it starts off crisp and sunny but ends up chucking with rain. So, dressing for the weather is a little difficult!

Uni's going well and i'm enjoying being back. There are a couple modules that i think are going to be a little tricky but i'm looking forward to the challenge. I love being back close to London and to Jonny working there, as well as easy rail links all over the place. It's great to have a bit more independence but it does take some getting used to; taking care of yourself ain't all it's cracked up to be, i mean it's a bit of a pain when you forget to re-buy your toothpaste - which i'm yet to do, thank goodness.

So, i hope you're all settling back into the new academic year well and are all happy & healthy!



  1. awh your room is so cute! The weather is Southampton is being ridic, where did all the warm weather from last october go? ha Glad you've settled in well! Good luck for 2nd year xoxo

  2. Awww I love your room so much Kat! Love the bunting and photo collage, you've made it completely your own, I know you're going to have a lot of fun and good times here ♥ xxx

  3. omg you have so much stuff lol! your room's really nice though :) i went freshers fayre too, getting full use out of all my vouchers ahaha xxx


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