20 October 2012

Ecover Know How to Swish!

Almost a week ago, on Monday 15th, i took the rather rickety train down to London for an exciting evening in Shoreditch.

I don't particularly deal with nerves well; on the outside i'm cool as a cucumber but on the inside i'm shaking like a leaf. I'd spent the week prior worrying about everything there was to worry about and making myself feel ill with nerves which, in hindsight, i really didn't need to do. So, i spent my train journey calming myself down, listening to music and snaking because i'd been so worried i'd not had much of a chance to eat. My favourite part of the journey is that moment when you realise you're coming into London. The skyline starts to creep higher and higher, everything turns from red brick to glass and those little flying dots in the sky get bigger until you can actually see their wings and wheels.

An hour and a half sounds like a long time, but it seems as though i'm in the capital within the blink of an eye. As soon as the train starts to come to a halt at London Waterloo, those little butterflies begin to start their somersaults again. I try to brush them off and head for the Underground, Oyster card in hand. It was a day of trying new things for me as i was taking a whole new Underground line, thankfully it wasn't difficult to manoeuvre as Waterloo & City goes between only Waterloo and Bank. Thankfully i have a wonderful other half who offered to meet me at Bank and walk me to my destination, this saved a long and confusing Tube journey and the possibility of getting lost.

At about 5:35 i arrived at the Shoreditch House Hotel and hung around outside to see if i could spot any other swishers, luckily there were a few hanging around and i followed them inside. After checking in my jacket, i headed up in the lift to The Biscuit Tin function room and there i was, at the Shoreditch Swish.

This event, hosted by Ecover, was a beautifully put together affair. The bar was laden with champagne and the air was full of chatter & wonder. Racks full of second hand goodies and a table piled high with jeans, shoes and sorts of treats. Over the next hour the room slowly fills with people, and the hubbub increases. Soon italian waiters glide through the room offering miniature pizza, miniature meatballs and miniature fishcakes seemingly nothing like any usual fashion event; didn't you know fashionistas don't eat?

At Seven o'clock the swishing was declared open by the events hosts, ITV stylist Mark Heyes and ethical fashion designer Ada Zanditon. The aim of the game: to snap up the best cast offs and steer clear of the tat. There was plenty on offer from brand new Monkee Genes, in an array of colours, to ballgowns, knitwear and beautiful one of a kind items. It was a a little chaotic because as we all know, you never get between a girl and her clothes. The scene depicted some fashion hungry animals calwing at their pray, trying to fight for the best result. It didn't take long for the best items to go and the swishers began to take a back seat, to settle with all their loot.

Towards the end of the evening the VIPs began to fill the room, starting with MTV's Laura Whitmore, Sky's Olivia Godfrey, BINTM Winner Letitia Herod and TV Presenter & Actress Donna Air. Soon followed by The Sunday Girl Jade Williams and Made In Chelsea star Cheska Hull. Controversially, Cheska Hull entered the room sporting a real fur cape, questionably a bad move to an ethical event. However, if you've ever seen Made In Chelsea you'll know that the caliber of people filmed isn't quite your think ahead, worry what people think kind of deal. She probably still has no idea that maybe that wasn't the best fashion decision she's ever made. More excitingly, one of the dresses i took to donate to the Swish was picked up by none other than Laura Whitmore so i'll be forever scouring the media to see if she ever puts it to good use.

(Last Image Sourced from Felicities LTD)

It was a wonderful evening, in which i met new people and was advised to pursue blogging, so i think that's exactly what i'll do.


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  1. So glad to hear you had a great time Kat! It must have been nerve wracking but girl you did it and I'm sure this is the start of many more blogging events :)xxx


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