12 October 2012

How to Style: Skinny Jeans | A/W Edition #1

When it comes to the transitioning weather, there's nothing i love to read more than a ways to wear/how to style post. Somehow the new season makes me look at my wardrobe with a quizzical view. I don't know if it's the change in weather or the packing away of one season and the unpacking of another, but i sometimes forget how to wear what i love. So here's the start of some how to style for the season, sometimes it's great to note down what you love and what suits your style. Starting with the classic skinny jean, here are some ideas of how to rock them during the colder months.

I absolutely love this coatigan craze that seems to be hitting the High Street. I'm one for keeping as warm as possible, seeing as i'm literally always cold. I like the way it's got all the warmth of a cardigan but is more snuggly and less structured than a coat. It's like the perfect hybrid, meeting somewhere in the middle. I honestly think one of the greatest, easiest and chicest ways to rock a skinny jean is with a plain white tee. The great thing about this one it isn't too fitted and suits the cosy style of the Autumn. I love that it's a little longer in the back than the front, and it'll look great layered with a coatigan, necklace, chunky knit scarf and jewellery of your choice. During the colder months, because you're so wrapped up it becomes more acceptable to over accessorise; however i only advise two at a time, i.e.: necklace and earrings or rings and bangles, etc. I love boots for this time of year, they're the perfect addition to your wardrobe. They keep your toes warm and dry, as well as looking stylish along the way. Last, but not least, if you're working the chunky scarf matching a headband of some kind is a great way to show off your personality.

A classic jumper will forever be a great Autumn/Winter look. Why not bring it up to date with a fun print, a cable knit or little features like elbow patches. Again, i love to layer during this season so keep warm with snoods, gloves and earmuffs. Because you're wrapping up from the neck down, it's a great idea to accessorise your head with things to show off your personality. Just because you're wearing scarves and knit, doesn't mean you can't wear a statement necklace. Wear a pendant long enough to peak out below your snood or in-between the tassels of your scarf. Talking of statement, a coat is a great way to stand out. Why not try tweed to stay on trend this season, and add a fur if you rather than a scarf.

Topshop Tall Moto Leigh Jeans in Mid StoneMotel Diana Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Crop in Red | Topshop Fairisle Hat | Rock N Rose Kora Inverted Cross Necklace | Topshop Trio Pearl Ring | New Look Silver Beaten Edge Rectangle Ring | Topshop Knitted Stud Tweed Cardigan | Miss Selfridge Silver Triangle Earrings | ASOS Mix Knit Snood

Finally, a great way to try something a little different but tailoring it to Autumn is to test out the crop top. If you're a little self conscious, try something a little longer but pair it with a chunky knit cardigan, snood and hat to take away from the fact you're flashing a bit of flesh. Like i said, i love layering and chucking on the jewellery is a fun way to show personality and add a little something to an otherwise simple outfit.


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  1. I so so want some studded boots just like that! ♥ xxx


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