12 September 2012

American Beauty #6: Clinique Chubby Stick

 Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon

While in Sephora, i finally got my mitts on the infamous Clinique Chubby Stick. I've been after a Chubby Stick for such a long time, after seeing reviews everywhere, the newest Clinique adverts and the counters all over the place, so it's great to finally test drive them for myself.

I knew quite a lot about this product before i tried it out, so i was well aware of what it claimed to do so i already had high hopes. Luckily, my hopes weren't dashed and the Chubby Stick lived up to everything and more.

For starters i adore this colour, it's the perfect 'my lips but better' colour. Although it doesn't really show in the bullet, it has a subtle gold shimmer to it that just seems to brighten your lips, illuminating the face. Next, i'm after Two Ton Tomato or Curvy Candy. I also really love the packaging and the stick like form; it makes it so easy to apply, you can be very precise.

I wouldn't say it's as moisturising as i expected it to be, but it wasn't altogether bad either and even better with some lip balm underneath. I still love this product and am firmly on the Chubby Stick team!


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