14 September 2012

American Beauty #7: Milani Neon Nail Lacquer

Milani Neon Nail Lacquer in Rad Purple & Totally 80's

I'd never heard of the brand Milani before and, to be honest, i was drawn by the packaging. After a little research i learned that Milani is a family run business, only debuted 10 years ago in 2002. However, it's grown to be one of the leading brands of colour cosmetics.

Now, back to that packaging. I don't know why but i much prefer this bottle than a lot of the styles on the market. They're smoother, tidier and much more chic than your average round bottles. I love the coloured bottle with the black writing paired with the black lid & gold lettering. It just looks stylish, and would look lovely sat on a dresser.

After testing out the polish i don't think i'd categorise either of these shades in the 'neon' area, they're gorgeous bright shades, especially the purple as it's a strange bright dark purple, but not my idea of neon. I quite like the formulation, however it is a little gloopy - i prefer formulas like Essie as it's smoother which helps application. It took a little longer than i'd like for it to dry, there are quicker drying brands out there but what i didn't like the most was the colour Totally 80's. It isn't anything like how it looks on or in the bottle. It's really light which causes it to go streaky, even after two coats i could still see my nail underneath. My nails have quite a lot of ridges and dents which caused the polish to be even worse, however i don't have any problems with my usual nail polish brands. The consistency is really thin, which you would think would help it dry faster, however it doesn't.

The purple polish is a little better, as it's darker, but it's still a thin consistency and takes a little longer than i'd like to dry. I will overlook that because i really like the shade, however the green i don't think i'll ever use again - it just doesn't suit me.


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