10 September 2012

American Beauty #5: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Colour

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Nail Colour is Sun Kissed

I've heard no end of things about this product on Youtube and as a huge fan of the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Salon Strengthener i had high hopes.

For starters, i adore the colour. I'm on the hunt for the perfect orange, nothing too neon but nothing too plain either, and this seemed like a great option. It's the perfect tangerine shade and looks lovely on the nails. However, this is really where my love for this polish finishes.

The real bone i have to pick with this product is, as always, it's drying time. I used to put up with nail polish taking a long time to dry but now that i've found brands i know i can rely on to dry fast, such as Models Own, OPI and China Glaze. It also has a really wet look about it, i love glossy polish but it just never seems to look dry. I found the formulation to be fairly gloopy which is probably the reason for this.

Overall, i'm disappointed with this product after having such high hopes for it. I think i'll probably give up with this polish and keep on the look out for that perfect orange!


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