8 September 2012

American Beauty #4: Basin Solid Perfume

Basin Solid Perfume in Therapy

I've never owned a solid perfume, i've always been a little dubious as it seems a  bit of a strange concept to me. However, i saw this while shopping in Downtown Disney on holiday and liked the scent so thought i'd give it a go.

Basin is an american bath and beauty store, home to many different products from soap to body mist. They're a great source for natural bath and beauty products and claim they're completely chemical free! They have great stations where you can mix and match your own bath salts or make your own scented soy candle! Great for gifts as well as treating yourself. Everything is very well priced and i've found products in there i've never seen anywhere else.

I got the scent therapy which, in the store smelt really clean and simple however now i've got it home and tried it from the newly opened pot it's a little more powdery than i would have hoped for. Something that i'm not such a fan of is the fact i have to put my finger into the pot to rub it on my wrists, and so on. Not only does that mean my fingers smell very strongly but also because of the germs and bacteria that will more easily be susceptible inside the pot - the same reason i prefer lip balms in stick form. It's also actually a fairly strong scent, now i'm not altogether complaining but it's not that it lasts a long time it's just a very strong smell. I also feel like the scent gives me a headache which really isn't what you want! I'm not entirely sure how i feel about this one, so leave it with me!


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