6 September 2012

American Beauty #3: Maybelline Baby Lips

 Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm in Pink Punch

I was desperate to get my hands on the infamous Maybelline Baby Lips that we hear all the American Beauty Gurus praising. I'm not entirely sure why we haven't gotten these in the UK and i'm also a little disappointed that i didn't pick up any of the other pigmented balms.

I'm seriously glad that i picked this one; Pink Punch is the one i'd heard most good things about from the likes of Tanya Burr, Fleur De Force and Ingrid Missglamorazzi. I heard it was a great product, and the best of the lot, as it still had all the great balm qualities but it also gave you a little colour. I have fairly pigmented lips already but it transferred to my lips giving me that 'my lips but better' kind of colour.

It's actually really moisturising, as i'd be worried it'd be like those cheap, gimmicky lip balms that smell funny, claim to be pigmented but actually are horrible feeling on the lips. Well, i was wrong. They're not quite as thick feeling as my favourite Burt's Bees as it goes on fairly thinly. I like to layer it up a little, which also provides a better colour, however it still feels very moisturising on the lips. It also has a delicious fruity, mango type smell that i adore in lip products. Overall, i really love this product - it's one of those lip products that you can just carry anywhere and everywhere, and it suits every occasion; perfect for your handbag and your make up case!



  1. Ahh I've been lusting over this for forever! Wish they'd bring them out here too! xo

  2. I also really want to try Baby lips! I want to try Burts Bees now too :) xx

  3. I LOVE the packaging! ♥ xxx


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