3 August 2012

The Sunshine Purse

For my trip to the Sunshine State i like to make sure i've got dedicated bits and bobs for the trip especially as things i use back home, in the UK, are usually pretty bulky and/or a dark colour. So i decided on a new purse to take along with me as i won't be carrying around half the junk i do when i'm at home.

New Look White Cut Out Patterned Purse

I picked up this gorgeous purse from New Look, as i love the bright pop of colour and the beautiful pattern. I really love purses with this kind of clasp but usually can't use them as i hold far too much in my purse, but while i'm away all i'll be carting around is notes, coins and my hotel key card. It's long but i don't like to fold my notes so having it so flat is perfect and i can't wait to use it!


1 comment:

  1. Oh it's SO gorgeous! Such a great find! xo


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