5 August 2012

The Summer Cover Up

As you may or may not know i'm heading to Florida next week for a fortnights trip to Walt Disney World. During the trip, we frequent the pool and occasionally head to the water parks so a poolside cover up is a necessity. I'm a little fussy when it comes to this as i'm not a huge fan of kaftans and sarongs are out of the question, so something i can wear to and from the pool/water park without worrying my dignity and what-have-yous, especially as when we're using the hotel pool if i want to get a drink they have rules about being dressed appropriately indoors - having things on your feet and being covered up appropriately, just for the well being of other guests. So, i've been looking for something to tick all my boxes with little luck as most beach/pool attire is either really sheer, short, the wrong kind of material or basically just styled like a kaftan or sarong.

While browsing ASOS for new bikini tops and swimsuits, i came across the beach clothing section which is great for people like me as it's full of regular style clothing but tweaked to make it beach and pool appropriate.

ASOS Towelling Beach Playsuit

When i came across this playsuit i knew it was what i've been looking for. I originally saw it in pink, and despite the fact i've been buying and wearing a lot of pink lately it's just not really appropriate for what i want. So when i saw it in white, it was in my basket faster than you could ask how much it is. It's a towelling playsuit so combats any sheer, bum flashing or kaftan woes and will dry me off on my way back to my room or the car and, of course, will be super comfy. It's a little short but i feel it doesn't matter so much as they're shorts so bum flashing is kept to an absolute minimum but it's a decent length anyway. I love that it also doubles up as daytime playsuit as you really couldn't tell that it's a beach cover up.

What do you like to wear poolside? Are you a kaftan or a towel kinda gal?


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