22 June 2012

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash

So, before i'd really indulged in using my Good Things Products and was having some problematic skin on my face - i was breaking out, i'm pretty sure due to stress, and my acne scarring was looking harsh - and i was eyeing up Tea Tree products in Superdrug, deciding only to pick the Tea Tree spot stick (which actually works insanely well!) but Tea Tree can be pretty expensive when you want to try out the whole range. 

But what did i see while strolling in Poundland? Why, only a Tea Tree face wash and for a pound i thought why not! Now, i wasn't expecting miracles seeing as it was so cheap and while using it i wasn't overly impressed. Since using the amazing purifying cleanser from Good Things, which is a thick melting gel, using a foam seemed a bit pathetic. It suggests, on the bottle, to use one or two pumps but i found that i needed three of four to feel like anything was working. While massaging into my face, i felt more like i was just wiping it around or just completely off my face. However, i persevered and did what the packaging said - massaging into the face using circular motions - and i did this for about a minute or so, which is what my Good Things cleanser suggests. Like i said, i didn't think much too it but when i washed it off my skin felt super smooth and supple. It felt cleaned and clear, maybe not quite as well done as my gel cleanser but for a pound, i feel this Tea Tree cleansing wash would be great for a lighter clean and maybe when i'm having problem skin as the Tea Tree will always be good for bad skin!


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