24 June 2012

Home is where: #1 The Love Is

As some of you may know, i've just finished my first year of university - although i haven't raved about it - so i'll soon be moving out of halls of residence (1st July!) ready to move into my new flat. I'm super excited to move as my halls experience was awful and i pretty much hated every minute, SO! Moving can't come soon enough. I'm lucky enough to be moving in with one of my best friends at university, into a two bed ground floor flat and we're both very excited!

So with moving into a new flat means getting to decorate my own space, even more than i did while in halls as my room was the size of a shoe box. I'm looking forward to having a larger, more permanent space - as we'll be staying put for the next two years - and a double bed (hoorah!). I'll be showing you some of the pieces i've picked up to personalise my new room with, over the next few weeks, and then when i've fully moved in and decorated in October i'll be sure to show you some snaps of it all put together. But for now, i'll show you some elements that will help to create my new space.

The overall theme for my room is generally going to be blue, but i'm kinda going by the colours on my bedspread - which you'll be seeing in a few posts - so there will be colour accents, but i'm generally going for blues mixed with baby, light pinks, purples and touches of brights like peach. I'm also kinda going for the classic shabby chic look paired with my quirky style, for example i'm going to be using a gorgeous cake stand to house my go to jewellery but i won't be showing you that here until October when i've built it - it needs to stay flat pack for now to travel well!

So, to go with my shabby chic style i picked up this beautiful wooden freestanding sign depicting LOVE from eBay. I wanted something like this, and i felt that love was girly and playful adding a sensitive touch to the room. My boyfriend will be visiting me in Southampton, from London, so i want to make sure i have an equally welcoming space with a touch of romance and i feel that this piece will fit in well.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post!



  1. Aw I'm so excited for! I absolutely adored decorating my flat in second year and then my bedroom and house in third year (: it makes a world of difference to your Uni experience when you like the place you're staying at and the people you live with. xx

  2. I love 'home' posts! I love shabby chic and I could spend all day every day making pretty interiors. Looking forward to seeing your new place ♥ xxx


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