16 June 2012

REVIEW: Benefit The POREfessional

Benefit The POREfessional: RRP £23.50

This is a well overdue review, as i've had it for so long now but just never really thought it was my kind of product but how wrong was i, as it's found it's way in to my day to day make up bag. It's not a product i do use every day, but it's used when i know i'm going to need to look bright and glowing for a longer period of time as it definitely helps to keep my make up in tact. It goes on really smooth, evens out my skin tone and make my skin look healthier - minimising pores. I feel like it still lets my skin breathe and doesn't make my skin greasy or oily, but i do like to let it soak in before applying my make up on top of it.

It's a great product for someone like me who's a bit of a primer-a-phobe!


1 comment:

  1. I hear so many good things about this! Glad you like it too lovely! Xo


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