14 June 2012

Florida Fashion

Apologies if some, or all, of the garments are no longer available - this was written a little while ago and got lost in the depths of Blogger but thought i'd post it to finish the Florida series.
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As you now know, i love Florida! Orlando to be exact, and Walt Disney World to be even more specific, but the weather is a whole world away from the dismal Summers we experience in the UK. Temperatures soar to the high 30's, which is lovely for a warm getaway but it can often become overpowering, which is why the Americans know how to seriously use their air con! We're in and out all the time, to keep at an acceptable temperature but clothing, or lack of, also keeps you feeling cool in the high temperatures. As i'm beginning to get excited, and thinking about my Summer wardrobe, i thought i'd give some tips and suggestions of things that keep the heat at bay, for me.

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Shorts are my go-to Florida get up; they're easy to throw on and it means i can wear as little clothing as possible, without being indecent. I find that skirts can, sometimes, be great for cooler evenings but during the day when you're doing all the theme parks and shopping can sort of getting in the way, especially the more floaty styles of skirt which are favoured in this heat (bodycon is a NO-NO) I also love dungarees! think they're a great alternative to shorts, and are super fun making you feel like a child! (Who doesn't want to feel like you're 5 again?) I don't often wear denim while in Florida as it can often be heavy, and weigh you down, but i kind of base my clothing in material as these bleached hotpants have a high cotton percentage which will help skin to breathe and keep you well ventilated.

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Like dungarees, playsuits are also a great alternative to shorts and also save room on packing as there's no need to take extra tops like you need with shorts. The ones i've chosen to show are a little more summery, floaty and thin than some of the playsuits you can get on the High Street; they can often be tailored and a little heavier in fabric, so it's important when picking that you don't pick anything too tight or structured, something you could run around to if you so wished! Not only when choosing playsuits but also anything for hot weather, it's good to choose light colours or at least nothing too dark, so stick away from blacks and navys but patterns aren't too bad, you just want to keep yourself as cool as possible!

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When it comes to tops, the simpler the style the better but i'm definitely not opposed to bright and colourful print! My favourite kind of top for a super humid holiday, like Florida, is the basic strap top but there are so many kinds of strappy top. I love the ones with lace straps and lace insets around the neckline and waist, it gives a little bit of embellishment but nothing too crazy, or heavy, to make you hot. I love the prints, but whatever i choose i make sure they're not dark tones, basically as long as it's light and strappy it's perfect!

What do you wear on holiday?


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  1. I am a HUGE dungaree fan! I wore some on my holiday and fell for wearing them again. I'm going to keep an eye out for some more pairs ♥ xxx


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