26 June 2012


As you probably already know, i successfully got my wings to become an Aussie Angel last month. It's an amazing opportunity as it is, to work with such a great, friendly and approachable brand but with it comes some rather exciting perks! Last week i received an email to say that a parcel would be delivered to me the following day, which can only mean one thing: Aussie! So the next day when the lovely DHL man delivered this to me, i couldn't wait to see what was inside!

When i opened the box i was met with this gorgeous Aussie beach bag, perfect for representing the brand and parading during the Summer months. It's a great size for carting all your beach bits and bobs for a trip to the coast, for taking on an overnight stay or even carrying your shopping. A 'wish you were here' note came along with the parcel explaining about the #AussieSummerSizzle which includes the fab, new, limited edition Summer Aussie bottles. As well as that, they've given us Angels the exciting opportunity to win VIP tickets to a surf festival in Newquay, this Summer, where we'll also get the chance to stay in a VIP tipi! All we have to do is host an #AussieSummerSizzle party and show how we did it on Pinterest, Twitter and blog about it with the most exciting becoming the winner! Unfortunately, i'm away while the festival is on but i'm sure the other Angels will host some truly aussome parties!

When i peered into the bag it was full of exciting goodies for me to try out as well as an Aussie beach towel fashioning the new limited edition print.

I got three full sized colour products to give a go, and actually they're three of my favourite Aussie products.

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment is really similar to the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner which is my all time favourite conditioner, when i use it. It gives the best deep condition of any product i've ever tried, without being heavy or weighing down your hair. This product is amazing for coloured hair because it holds all the properties of the reconstructor but is made for coloured hair, so if you dye your hair regularly or even bleach it, making your hair dry and brittle, this could be your holy grail product!

I adore Aussie shampoo, like i said about the conditioner, it gives a great clean but feels light on application and doesn't weigh down the hair. I've tried many of the Aussie shampoos but not this one, as it's such a great sized product i'm going to save it and take it on holiday to use, sharing it with my mum, as it'll be great to help with our dyed hair in the blazing sun. Plus it has the delicious classic Aussie scent, that i can't get enough of!

This is probably my favourite Aussie product, and also my holy grail. I raved about a similar product here but this has the added bonus of being made for coloured hair. It's turned my hair from being fine, dry and brittle into it's former self. It's always been fine but never as dry or in bad condition as when i bleached it, but this helped to improve the quality amazingly - i can't recommend it enough.

I also received five sets of the Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner to use ourselves and share with friends and family. They're the perfect size for a week or two away, and i can confirm that these are just as fab as the rest of the Aussie family. I tested them out on a week away and they were the perfect size for travel, i love them.

So, thank you to the lovely people at Aussie for the chance to give these products a go and i'll be sure to use my Aussie tote all Summer long!



  1. Wow thats some serious haircare! Love the bag and towel, I'm so glad you got to be an Aussie Angel babe ♥ xxx

  2. Aaaah so jealous right now, I'm obsessed with Aussie hair products! I love the Aussome Volume range, wouldn't be without it :)

  3. This looks amazing! I'm so jealous that you're an Aussie Angel! x


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