3 March 2012

Sheer Rust

I'm away in Paris at the moment, so here are some posts to keep you entertained!

Got another New Look sale purchase for you today, and it's something i've been wanting for a long time! I'm one of those girls who think that under no circumstances should leggings be worn as trousers (NEVER) which entails making sure all intimate areas are covered because, frankly, i do not want to faced with your see through leggings and very visible underwear, in my face, at any time. Especially not at university. Ever. So, i'm forever searching for the perfect legging length tops to fulfil my specifications. Something not quite long enough to be classed a dress, but not short enough so that my bum is showing. So, while rummaging through the New Look sale i came across this lovely rust, orange sheer blouse; not only is the colour delicious, but it's such a brilliant length so i couldn't put it back.

Top/Tunic: New Look | Strappy Top Underneath: H&M | Jeggings: Topshop | Necklaces: Me & Zena/Claire's

It really is the perfect length, so i'm super happy with it purely for that reason; everything else is just a bonus! The beautiful colour, the pussy-bow ties and cute ruched sleeves give it character that just begged to be taken home. The cute little Me & Zena anchor was a gift from my university friend and to-be housemate Nicole, after i said that i loved it when we saw them at the Me & Zena stand, at Clothes Show Live in the Birmingham NEC, last year. It's the perfect length for those tops that are just too fussy for anything long, and i love it.



  1. Omg some people really do wear leggings around that show their pants. It's awful!I really don't wanna see! Lovely blouse :)

  2. That blouse is gorgeous, the colour suits you so much lovely. And I've seen that necklace before and always admired it's cute nature! Hope you're having a wonderful time in Paris ♥ xxx

  3. This top is beautiful, the colour really suits you! I love your necklace too :)
    <3 Holz oxo


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