1 March 2012

Birthday Wish List

I'm away in Paris at the moment so, here are some posts to keep you satisfied!

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On Saturday my birthday will be only a month away (eek!) so i'm thinking a little about what i'd like, however after such a brilliant Christmas there isn't too much on my wishlist, and honestly it took me long enough to put this list together! This also isn't a "i want it all so i expect it all" kind of list, they're just things that i'd quite like but don't need all of it!

The one thing i've been saying that i want, for months, is a little out of the ordinary! You definitely know you're a grown up when you're asking for kitchen appliances for your birthday! One of my current flatmates owns a George Foreman grill, and we all share use of it because it's brilliant for cooking almost everything! We cook chicken, sausages, bacon, toasties and goodness knows what else on it, but next year when i move in with my friend Nicole, i'm sure i'll miss the use of the grill so i'd love one of my very own! How dull, my insanely practical! The only other things that i've been saying i'd quite like is a new leather jacket. I do own one already, but it's getting on a bit and isn't quite my style anymore. I love this biker style that i've seen on the High Street, and i love this one from Topshop. It's a bit pricey, but is real leather which is hard to find on the High Street these days, it's all PU and plastic, so i love this one.

My contract will be coming to an end this June with my, not so, faithful Blackberry and frankly i can't wait to see the back of it. My Mr is the owner of an Iphone and i've been uming and ahing over whether i want to go over to the dark side, but if i can get a contract that's affordable in an Iphone, then i'd love to go over.

The rest of my list are really just bits and bobs that i'd quite like at the moment; there are always clothes that i'd love, especially Topshop and Miss Selfride as i always say that now i'm a student Topshop's a little out of my price range so it's lovely to receive things that i ordinarily can't quite afford myself. For birthdays, i always think it's nice to get something that's a little bit of a treat and i think theatre tickets are a nice gift. I love going to the West End, with my favourite show being Wicked but i'd also love to see The Wizard of Oz with, the winner of "Over The Rainbow", Danielle Hope in it before she departs for bigger and better things. It also stars Michael Crawford, so i think it'd be another amazing Lloyd Webber performance.

I'm beginning to think about Summer, and every year i tend to pick up a new bikini top for my new tastes, and i adore this Kelly Brook sailor style one from New Look. It'd be great to receive something for the Summer, to keep me looking forward! I'd also really love one of the Shamballa style bracelets and i love this one that i saw on Amazon. They're simple but glitzy and girly, and as i wear bracelets all the time anyway, it'd be a great addition; especially as all my bracelets have a little meaning behind them. I'm still coveting the Models Own Beetlejuice collection, so would love to own some my favourite being Pinky Brown, shown above, so it'd be lovely to get something like that. Last, but not least, money is always appreciated as i'm a student so don't tend to have spare money to shop with, and i'm also saving for my Summer holiday so it'd be great to put something towards that!

In actual fact, all i'm asking for, from my parents, is a leather jacket and a George Foreman grill, anyone else i've asked for vouchers so this is more a general lust list!


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  1. I LOVE wicked, i'd also love to see wizard of oz sometime! Hope you get some lovely things for your birthday :)


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