5 March 2012

Aussie Miracle Insurance Leave In Conditioner

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner

This, my friends, has become my hair life saver. This little post is going to purely be a gleaming review, so if you're not interested in hearing what an amazing product this is, not that i know why you wouldn't, then click the little red X in the corner of the screen because that's exactly what you're going to get!

For goodness knows how many years, i've been bleaching my hair to make myself a blonde bombshell. I have naturally blonde hair, but it's more of a dirty brown/blonde and i always wanted that perfect blonde look, so had to use bleach (at the salon, not done myself!) to get it, but with this came some serious consequences. Bleaching my hair made it brittle, thin, dry and fragile, which caused it to break and was, generally, just in terrible condition and i'm waiting for it to grow out. So when i was in contact with the wonderful Aussie team and was lucky enough to win a party pack, during the Summer, that contained the Aussie Three Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner which i LOVED and that's what lead me to this beautiful product. The problem i have with conditioner is i find it heavy on my thin hair, making it smooth but limp, whereas this magical product is super light and keeps my hair smooth, shiny and healthy without weighing it down, in fact i feel it helps to make it thicker! Most of all, i love this product because it's helped my horrible, dry, brittle bleached hair become beautiful and bountiful (well, not quite) but it's made it far better condition and it's almost back to it's current health plus, it smells DIVINE so i highly recommend this product!

I told you this would gleam!


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