8 March 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

I'm back from Paris, and am swamped with work so will be typing up my experience when i can, so when i saw this on Stephanie's Blog i thought i'd give it a go!

Most money spent in one purchase?

Either my Macbook (which was half payed for by myself), my Glastonbury Ticket or i'm sure i've probably spent a lot of money in a Topshop purchase, over the years.

Do you have any love/hate relationships?

My legs. I love being tall but i hate not having as much option about what i wear on my bottom half, and when i do find something i like, ie: Toppers Jeans, they're pretty expensive!

What do you over indulge in?

I wouldn't say i indulge in a lot of anything, i like everything in moderation, but i do love to overindulge in boyfriend time!

What is your lazy habit?

Since moving into student residences, i have to totally look after myself and my space, which i'm kind of used to when it comes to my bedroom, but when it comes to my bathroom i can be a bit lazy cleaning. Don't worry, i'm a dab hand with the bleach but it can get rather dusty.

What gives you confidence and makes you proud?

My clothes probably give me most confidence, because i tend to show my personality through what i wear. If i didn't dress how i do, i wouldn't be myself. And out of everything, my Mr makes me pretty proud. He works so hard, and is really putting in his all to create the future he's dreamed of.

What or who do you lust over?

That's quite a difficult question as i don't think i really lust over anything. Since moving away, by myself, i've learnt to be quite happy with what i've got. Of course, i'm always lusting over things i see on the High Street, because i never have any money, but i'd say that's about it.

What are you envious of?

Like i said in the previous question, i've really learnt to be happy with what i've got, but if i had to pick something i'd probably say i'm envious of all the wonderful bloggers and youtubers i watch, and read, because they work so hard and have the most amazing blogs/channels.

Not long until i'll be posting about my time in Paris!


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  1. Kat it's nice to hear someone appreciate the things they do have. You have the best attitude in life :) xxx


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