3 February 2012

What to do on February 14th?

February 14th is fast approaching and the pressure to do something fabulous is back again, but there are plenty of options for you to try, this Valentines Day. Despite the hype, this one day of the year isn't entirely about the grand gestures and extravagant gifts, but the thoughtful acts; they go much further in your favour! Here are just a few ideas, for all budgets, of how to treat your other half or brand new squeeze this February.

1. With the box office booming and new films being presented every week, there's always something for everyone, at the Cinema, and it doesn't have to romantic, just something you can both enjoy or even better something that you have in common, that creates conversation and debate after the trip; it'll be a great conversation starter!

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. Going for dinner will always be a classic and favourable gesture, especially on such a romantic occasion. This doesn't mean we're expecting 5* dining at the Mayfair, but merely somewhere we can chat and enjoy each others company. Oh, and where the food isn't too bad either!

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3. No matter what the budget, there's always somewhere to go; so why not take a trip? London, Paris, New York or even in your local area, do your research and find a price that suits you. You can find somewhere full of things to do, or just book a hotel for a night away from the daily grind.

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4. I don't know about you, but i imagine going up in a Hot Air Balloon, with the one you love, to be quite romantic. It's obviously a hard thing to arrange as there are a lot of rules and regulations that go with a trip like this, for example: the weather, but if you can do it what a memorable gesture this would be.

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5. With the nights still drawing in early, but the season bringing beautiful skies and tolerable weather, how about watching the sun set after an early dinner, or late lunch, or merely on it's own. What could be more romantic than sharing a blanket (or a duvet) with a loved one and watching the sky turn from grey, to blue, to orange, to pink and chatting sweet nothings, plus it's priceless (Literally!). Sounds a little too perfect? Why not test it out!

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6. If dinner is out of your price range, and you're on a student budget, there's always plenty of cafes and coffee shops to choose from. Buying your date their favourite beverage will always be a winner; how about going to Starbucks and ordering a creamy hot chocolate but asking for extra sprinkles, because they'll appreciate it? Often the smallest gestures are the sweetest.

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7. And if all else fails, just tell them you love them, like i said, it's sometimes the smallest gestures that are the most romantic and most memorable.

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I hope this has given you a few ideas! So, how will you be spending your Valentines Day?


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  1. The hot air balloon would be amazing! Ever since I saw UP I am obsessed with balloons and must go up in one one day! ♥ xxx


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