10 February 2012

The Montorqueil Barrel

With a name like a wartime gun, you maybe weren't expecting this post to be about my latest arm candy, or maybe you were thanks to the Alexas and Bayswaters scattering onto the arms of those luckiest to own such treasures. I'm yet to own that dream bag; Mulberry, i'm looking at you, but this is the closest i've come, yet.

Like the quest of the perfect daytime lippy, i'm always looking for that perfect bag; convenient size, practical colour are both factors i look for in a dream bag, and often finding them combined together is proven tricky! But with a trip to Paris on the horizon, i was more driven to find something that would accompany me on my trip and to house everything i need, without being bulky or some obscure colour! As Paris can be known not only for it's beauty, but for the sneaky pick-pockets that pray upon poor fashion students, who dress well and are assumed to have more money; oh how wrong they'd be digging in my bag, but i'd like to keep them from getting anywhere near my empty purse so zips and flaps were on the agenda.

While shopping with my mum, on a trip home, i was deflated after searching for the bag with no avail. Mum suggested Oasis, which isn't somewhere i'd normally shop but out of desperation and love for the window displays i gave in and had a look. Aside from it's accessories, Oasis has a real variety of clothing from block colours to nautical prints! I've added it to my online shopping list from now on, as i loved the mass of blues and reds, keeping well on trend, and here is where i found the dream bag.

Named a barrel bag, and in a 'doctor' bag style shape it has the perfect structured/slouchy combination. I've found with previous bags, that i've loved, that when a bag is too structured, over filling can cause misshaping and even going as far as broken clasps. This style makes it easy to make use of the size, without any of the consequences. It's also a fab new shape for the coming seasons, as i've always been a satchel girl and was originally looking for this classic style, but i'm getting a little bored of it so it's great to embrace the new season shape.

Although it's simple, it means it'll go with everything and in such a classic colour it'll take you from day to night. It has both a zip and a flap, making it extra secure and also has a a lovely spin clasp detail, as it's all in the detail! I do believe this will be the perfect bag to take me from Spring right through to Winter.


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