11 February 2012

Sweetheart Stripes

I am a serious lover of the ever returning 'Nautical' trend, and whole heartedly embrace my stripes whenever possible. Personally, i just think it's a totally timeless trend that will forever be full of classic blues and horizontal stripes. There are so many ways to wear it, for those that are bold and for those that would rather wear a navy blue cardigan, accessorising with stripy accessories; the possibilities are endless.

Dress/Tunic: Topshop | Leggings: Topshop | Pendant: Miss Selfridge | Bracelets: Homemade/WDW/Miss Selfridge/LilyLovesLola

I always um and ah over jumper dresses, because sometimes i feel they make me look a little frumpy but this little knit is such a lovely length, and isn't too harsh a knit (isn't too thick!) so it sits nicely and is a gorgeous shape; what more could i ask for in a jumper dress! Something i really love about this piece is the seriously sweet mock sweetheart neckline, without it this tunic could seem a little dull but that little addition just makes it adorable! It makes me feel girly, without being TOO girly; and is easily made a little more edgy. Overall, it's the easiest thing to throw on with a pair of leggings but instantly look chic (without even trying - perfect!) and i love for everything from lounging to shopping trips, it really is the all rounder!

I also can't sign off this post without writing a little about the gorgeous little cross charm bracelet i bought from LilyLovesLola. Now that i've moved to Southampton, for university, i thought it'd be a nice idea, and another little Christmas gift for my wonderful parents, to buy each of us one of these adorable tiny silver cross friendship bracelets so that we could all have one, and sort of have a little piece of each other! So, i wear mine on my wrist and my parents keep their's tucked away in a wallet or bag. Honestly, Victoria has some gorgeous charms on her site so go check them out and i'll be back to make another purchase, very soon!


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