22 November 2012

Winter Wonderland #2: Boots

Miss Selfridge Africa Tapestry Boots: £65.00 | River Island Studded Western Boots: £75.00 | River Island Dark Red Ankle Boots: £40.00 | Linzi Dorena Chelsea Boots: £20.00 | EST. 1969 Black Studded Buckle Ankle Boots via New Look: £69.99 | Hunter Pearlised Wellies via Topshop: £90.00 | New Look Black Side Stud Ankle Boots: £24.99 | Topshop Penn Pin Stud Hi Leg Boots: £150.00

Boots are forever a Winter staple, no matter the style they'll always be wearable. There are a million styles of boot and there is for sure something for everyone.

Whether you like a tall or short boot, there are plenty of different shapes, sizes and colours that there's something for everyone; everyone can wear the boot. If you're looking for something classic and that you can wear with everything, than a classic black boot is the way to go. Both tall and short are very wearable, and are easily paired with everything in your wardrobe. They can be found both heeled and flat, as well as completely plan or often with a hint of sparkle or a stud, or two.

If you're looking for something a little more 'pizazz' there are plenty of statement boots on the high street. You can find them covered in studs, multicoloured or with a heel so tall you're be towering above your friends. You'll find that the studded kind are very on trend at the moment, and won't take you long to find a pair you like. They can be studded just on the back or all over and, like the ones above, they can even mix metals which is becoming far more accepted.

Why not try something a little different? Although black does go with everything, find a colour that you wear a lot and try something that'll go with it. For example, i find myself wearing a lot of blue so i bought myself a pair of cobalt blue ugg boots - perfect for the Winter - but i could also try mixing in a pair of cherry red boots, to contrast my favourite colour.

My favourite kind of boots are wellies, and there are all the more chances to wear them during the drizzly Winter weather. This Hunter pair is beautiful and would set off any outfit. Don't leave them just for trudging through a muddy field on Bonfire Night or on a Boxing Day walk, pair them with a cute black dress for dressed down chic.



  1. Kat guess what? My favourite are the wellies too! I would love to own a pair of Hunter's one day ♥ xxx

  2. Those hunters are gorgeous! WIsh I had a pair today when I got soggy socks for the rest of the day xx
    Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage


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