27 December 2012

Not your Normal New Year #1

Skirt: New Look Tall | Jumper: H&M | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Tights: Primark | Boots: River Island | Lipstick: Revlon Lipbutter in Macaroon

So, now that Christmas is over it's time to begin thinking about the inevitable; New Year. 

This is the first of my New Year outfit ideas. I'm not spending New Year in the traditional way this time around, as i'm hoping to be spending it freezing cold on the banks of the Thames with the other thousand people waiting to bring in the New Year with fireworks and a bit of cheer. So for this reason i don't want anything super fancy or super glitzy.

This is my kind of middle of the road style, it's not too glam but the sparkle in the jumper keeps it feeling festive. I'm not particularly one for going all out during this celebration, so by keeping things chic in black and adding a little sparkle it keeps it simple and not too overdone. An outfit like this is easy to layer up; so i can wear at least three pairs of tights (i kid you not), strappy tops piled with long sleeves under my jumper, add a scarf and my coat to top everything off. Maybe even a bobble hat or knitted headband to keep my ears warm.

To finish everything off this Lipbutter in Macaroon pulls it all together, in it's gorgeous red shade. I find red very hard to pull off because i'm so pale, but this brown toned red really works; plus it's very light weight and moisturising for the cold, London weather.



  1. London will be so buzzing on New Years Eve - what a way to kick off the New Year in style! Love the Revlon lip butter ♥ xxx

  2. I have that lip butter too it such a nice colour! Wow I have always wanted to go into London for NYE, have a great time xx


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