29 December 2012

Not your Normal New Year #2

Dress: Topshop | Jumper: Next | Tights: Primark | Necklace: Rock N Rose | Boots: River Island | Lipstick: Revlon Lipbutter in Macaroon

This ensemble is a little more glam, for my freezing cold New Years Eve. Like i said previously, i don't want to be too glitzy because the occasion - in my case - just doesn't call for it, i'll be focusing on warmth and comfort, however this could be a, slightly on the formal side, option for fireworks.

I love this sparkly Topshop dress that i got for Christmas last year, it's so beautiful and despite it's glitzy exterior it's actually very wearable. I'm not really afraid to put myself out there with what i wear, so i'd probably even rock this during the day dressed down with flat boots, a printed scarf and a coat but dressed up a little more, like this, with a slight heel and a glam jumper could be a great way to keep it smart casual.

By adding this jumper, and keeping the glam at the bottom, i feel as though i'd be a lot more comfortable wearing this for my New Year occasion. It also means i could really layer up on top, underneath the jumper, and add a few more pairs of tights on the bottom - i'm all about the layers.


1 comment:

  1. That dress and jumper make the perfect NY's Eve outfit! Love the furr on the shoulders ♥ xxx


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