1 January 2012


So, New Year has been and gone, yet again, and i can honestly say i do not know where the time is running off too lately, are you all feeling the same, or is it just me? I feel as though it's just slipping through my fingers! With that, January 1st has departed us too and we're well on our way into the thick of the January madness. I'm one quite prone to the January blues, or the January reds as i like to call them (referring to Holly Golightly's feeling of unknown upset, in Breakfast at Tiffany's) but this year, i sorta have a good feeling. I feel as though i'm really becoming my own person, and beginning my own life; it's a hard lesson to learn, but i'm slowly becoming accustom to almost having to live a double life, living half my life in Southampton and half at home. It's something all university students, more so who are homebodies, have to become used to but my university course is where i want to be, blogging is becoming a serious occupation and me & Mr couldn't be in a better place, so here's to 2012, i say!

As i told you in my previous post, i spent my New Year with my Mr and his family, for a quiet affair but my onesie, a glass of cider and the Mr by my side made for more than a perfect welcoming to the year. Before i made the move into my onesie, i started off the day in a rather more glitzy ensemble:

Dress: Topshop | Tights: Primark Super Cosy | Belt: Vintage | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

Well, if you can't wear sparkles, during the day, on New Year, when can you!? I got this gorgeous dress, from my parents, for Christmas and i definitely plan on rocking it throughout the year for everything for drinks to uni! I hope to dress a little more creatively, this year, as since i started university in September i've become a little slack (as when you're getting ready for your 9am seminar, fashion isn't an option!) So this beautiful number will help to brighten up an ever dull day! It's hard to see but it's covered in little flecks of multi-coloured foils, making me feel a little like a disco ball which is, most definitely, not a bad thing!

I'm most definitely ready to take on what the New Year may hold, and i'm happy to dream about my future but live in the now; and i'm also glad that my Mr has started referring to OUR house and OUR things in OUR future, before he was always a little vague (obviously never implying we didn't have a future) but now i feel as though we really do have a little path together, however foggy, and unknown, it may be at the moment.

New Years day was an equally relaxed day, resulting in a walk through the town, and parks, a trip to tesco, a Costa hot chocolate and some time with the Mr's extended family, but i'm certainly not complaining.

All photos in this post have been taken on my snazzy new camera, and i must say it's working like a dream at the moment. The quality, alone, is keeping me happy making images shaper and clear, and also making editing a hell of a lot easier. The latter images were taken on our little stroll through Ely town, today, of which you can see my chosen image my first image for today's 365 snap, over on my new blog Legs 365, and now you can easily access it from Legs Eleven up at the top, beside my pages; but why not give it a follow to keep up to date with my daily snaps! I hope to remember about my little project, lets see how long it lasts, eh?

I hope you all had a suitably happy New Year, and i do hope 2012 brings all that you wish for.


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  1. Awwww Kat! I feel a little like time is moving at a really fast pace too, but lets just live it.
    I love your Topshop number, it's very you.
    So glad you and your Mr are making future plans! The world can be a scarey place but when you've got your soulmate right beside you, it makes it that bit less scarey xxx


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