15 October 2011

Up to Date

Oh goodness, i promise i'm still alive. I'm aware i've really put Legs on a back burner at the moment but i'm throwing myself into Uni and trying to keep on top of everything, so blogging really hasn't been one of my priorities!

But i am still here, and i haven't totally given up on my little space of the net, just yet. Luckily, i'm getting quite on top of my to do list so i've made spare time to keep you up to date!

So, it's week three of eleven here at Uni and we have a heavy work load, which surprisingly i'm loving. I'm managing to keep a nice balance of working, flat time, friend time and boyfriend time which i was a little worried about. I have to say that having the Mr here is beyond brilliant, he really keeps on a level head sometimes and gives me a bit of time away from all the madness which is perfect sometimes. I'm really enjoying being able to spend some proper date type time with him, and just being able to pop to town for a drink is lovely - this is what i've been craving for 2 years! (Can you believe we've just passed our 2 & a half year mark!? Crazy!)

I'm still not the going out type, and haven't been to a club since freshers, but i'm loving the alternative events like the pub quiz i attended on Thursday and won. I'm enjoying meeting new people and talking to the girls on my course, as we're all in the same boat and often don't have a clue what's going on! It's nice we can all work together and help each other out.

I'm loving all the work, i've recently just had to do a street style piece that encouraged me to go to the streets and talk to people, and get a snap of their outfit! It was really fun to do, i enjoyed it, but struggled with writing the copy! I'm hopefully going to do a post with my images soon, so you can have a look at our stylish Southampton ladies! Just sent in my first Motel piece too! That was fun to write as i love Southampton!

I've got some images for an outfit post, so i really must upload them! I promise to be back soon!



  1. Balancing blogging and Uni work is the craziest thing isn't it? Especially on a course like ours with so much writing! Glad you're settling in well lovely, still up for meeting next Weds for some coffee? (:

  2. So good to hear from you Ms Kat!
    Glad eveyrthing is going well, just keep enjoying it, and nothing beats date time♥
    Me and my Mr have just passed the 2 and a half year mark too! eeeee

    Looking forward to seeing the street snaps xxx


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