24 August 2011

Date Night

I promise i'm still alive! Just.. As i said in my previous post, i'm spending this week in Southampton with my lovely Mr. I know, i know i said i might do some sort of Southampton series post but that's going further and further down the pan! So far we've really just spent our time relaxing, getting bits of work done, exploring this beautiful city further and seeing some of the Mr's friends, which i'm more than happy with after this crazy summer!

The day we arrived, was really spent moving the Mr into his new room, unpacking a tesco shop, cooking, eating and having a drink at the House with two of J's lovely friends. So not really a whole lot to blog about! Yesterday was even more uninteresting, as you may or may not know, J has a web design company called Banana Business, with his brother, so it's on and off work for him, and yesterday he got given some pretty important client work that they've just secured (Yay them! Insert proud girlfriend face here) So he was working on that most of the day, so we never actually left the house - however, i wasn't really complaining as the weather was awful! Today's weather has been pretty glorious, so we made a trip into town to pick up some bits (more on that later), and for me to find my new Halls of Residence for September (which we successfully found) So know i am totally in the know for September, it's all making it that little bit more real! (For those that don't know, i'm attending Southampton Solent University this September to study a Writing, Fashion & Culture Degree) The rest of the week is going to be bits and bobs, really, we're taking a day trip to Brighton tomorrow as we're not too far away, which i'm quite excited about as i've never been! I promise to take as many photos as i can, weather permitting, and bring you a lovely little post. Friday brings more work for the Mr, so i think i might catch up on some blogs and bring you all my news from Brighton, we might also get our wellies on and take a trip to the cinema to see the Inbetweeners movie! I've never been that much of a fan, but i've been watching more and more on the telly and it does give me a giggle, so that should be interesting. Over the weekend, we'd like to do a little more city exploring, as i'd like to visit the docks and the waterfront where they have some cute little restaurants and bars, so that should be lovely! And Monday brings, the day i've been waiting for to meet my lovely new Solent ladies! Some of the girls that i'll be attending Uni with, this autumn, are coming to Southampton for the day and we're going to do a bit of Freshers shopping, have some lunch and maybe even a Krispey Kreme! No outfit posts as yet, but there maybe a few in the next few days (depending on the weather!)

Brown Notepad | Coral Post Its | Cat Highlighters | Floral Pencil Case: All Paperchase

Very much looking forward to the rest of my week, what have you all been doing with yourselves this summer? I'm off out to Bella Italia tonight for date night, so i better get a wiggle on!

- K ox
*Photo of a boat with my name on, taken in York

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