20 August 2011

Almost Home

So, i'm home! (Again.) Had a beautiful week in York, with my lovely 'rents and brilliant best friend, Jenna. The weather was almost perfect, but i really forget how cold it is up north! I had to buy myself a jumper, i was that cold - i rarely visit the north, so it's easy to forget! Spoken like a true southerner.

York consisted of exploring the beautiful city, doing touristy bits and enjoying just wandering. We did everything from hitting the designer outlet to touring the beautiful York Minster, which really is a must see whatever your view. One thing i must say is that i absolutely hated the York Dungeons and do not recommend it to anyone, especially anyone with small children. It was terrifying! I hate any sort of situation where there's a chance you'll be picked but add it the dark, strange smells, strange people and things that go 'bump in the night' and you have my worst nightmare. I hated every second and am never doing anything of the sort again! However, if you do like gore, jumping and being terrified out of your wits - it's the place for you!

1. The longest street name for the shortest street | 2. Me & J with the Ghost Hunter | 3. Clifford's Tower | 4. The Cathedral Spires over the Rooftops | 5. An amusing cafe name | 6. Classic York Signpost | 7. Cathedral Window

Beside all of that, York is full of the most gorgeous architecture and even more wonderful history. Everywhere you turn, there's something to admire. The quirks are what make it beautiful, like the gothic architecture of their Cathedral or the thousands of ghost stories that frequent the streets. If you can, i highly recommend a visit!

Well, on Monday i'm off again! I know right, can't catch a break! Living out of a suitcase is becoming an increasing talent of mine. I'm jetting down to Southampton with the Mr for a lovely little break away from everything, so it should be lovely. We have a few plans, and bits & bobs to we'd like to do, but a lot of just enjoying spending time with each other before i get into uni life too. I'm also eagerly waiting for the meeting with my lovely new Solent girls! Cannot wait to meet my lovely uni friends, it'll be fab to spend the day with them in a more relaxed environment than the pressure we'll be under in September! So the trip should be lots of fun. I'm undecided as to whether to take my laptop or not yet, so that will determine how much i'll be blogging as if i take my own then i can blog when i like, however if i rely on using the Mr's it's permanently stuck to his hands so it's always a little trickier! Maybe we'll just see if it fits in my suitcase? (As i'm a serious over packer!) I'm sure the next time i post to you will be in Southampton, i'm considering doing some sort of Southampton Series but i don't know if my brain can be bothered! We'll see what happens!

Loved catching up with all your blogs when i got home yesterday, keep blogging!

- K ox

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  1. Kat your such a busy bee! I love the feel of York, it's very quirky indeed.
    Did you go to Cath Kidston?
    Ooooh I kept meaning to ask you, what are you going to be studying at Uni?
    Have a lovely time in Southampton xxx


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