26 August 2011

Brighton Rock

But before the details on that adventure, i thought i'd just give you a cheeky outfit post from what i wore to date night, on Wednesday, at Bella Italia (PS. Sorry for the shitty, student kitchen shots, it's the only place in the Mr's new house that has a decent self timer spot!):

Playsuit: Topshop | Belt: Vintage | Cardigan: H&M | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Bag: River Island Via Gift | Scarf (On Bag): H&M | Tights: Tesco | Shoes: Topshop Bracelets: Homemade/Gifts/Various

I absolutely love how versatile this playsuit is, it has seen me threw many a 'i don't know what to wear!' dilemmas. It's easy to throw on during those warm summer days, or whack on a pair of tights & a cardi for easy spring/summer/autumn chic. We weren't going too fancy and dressed up, so it just seemed appropriate! However, i do like to do jazzier than usual make up for when i go somewhere special, so i decided to again use my favourite eyeshadow of the moment. It's so beautiful and shimmery, and really compliments my skin tone.

Eyeshadow: 17 Rose Quartz | Eyeliner: Barry M Limited Edition Duo Kohl Liner in 3 | Mascara: Rimmel Volume Flash in Ultra Black

I ment to take a picture of this before i started eating it, bit it was too delicious so here's a half eaten shot! If you're ever in Bella Italia, i highly recommend The Godfather Fragola, just like the original Godfather desert it's made up mostly of ice cream, but instead of being chocolately - this is the fruity version! Stuffed with Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream, strawberry coulis, meringue pieces pieces, whipped cream and fresh strawberries, well you can't go far wrong!

So, as i told you in my previous post, me and the Mr took a little trip to Brighton, for the day, which was nice! Unfortunately, the weather could have been a little better, but it brightened up as it got further into the day, however the wind had a deathly chill! We still had a lovely day exploring the little town, the pier, up to Devil's Dyke and down to the Sealife Centre, here come the pictures!

Breadcrumb Chicken at Devil's Dyke Pub | View Near Devil's Dyke | Starfish at Sealife | Fishes at Sealife | Deckchairs | The Pier |He literally squinted in every photo. This is the best | Brighton Pier | View from the Pier | My Candyfloss! | Brighton Pride | Brighton Place | I never knew DD had a shop! | Big Issue Pitch | The Lanes | Cath Kidston Fabric | Dinosaurs in Churchill Shopping Centre | Brighton Station Roof | Our Tickets

We spent the morning at Devil's Dyke taking in some scenery, and eating lunch at the pub, where one of Jonny's housemates works. The food was so delicious! That chicken only cost £6 and was so fresh and tasty, the lime and smoked paprika mayonnaise was delicious too and don't even get me started on the chips! If you're ever in Brighton, i highly recommend getting the bus and going to Devil's Dyke, the scenery is breath taking, you can honestly see for miles, and have a spot of lunch at the pub. After we ate, we got the bus back into town and headed for the Sealife Centre, on lots of Kellogg's Cereal at the moment, there are 2 for 1 vouchers for lots of UK Attractions, so we took the opportunity to use ours for the Sealife. I have to say, it's not very large and would seriously object to paying £16.50 each as it's totally not worth it, but using our 2 for 1 at about £8 each, it was a little easier to manage. There is plenty to see from the critters of the reef to sea turtles and sharks. I'd have to say that the Auditorium, where you can find the Turtles and Sharks, is the best part. You can start at the top, looking down on the vast amount of water and then go "20,000 leagues" down to see the life below. They even have one of those glass tunnels so the critters can swim right over you, it's pretty cool. If you want to, you can pay £3 extra each to take a ride on The Glass Bottom Boat over the tank housing the sharks and turtle. You have a guide that can answer any questions, tell you about anything you see and controls the boat. You can also have your picture taken, and buy it at the end (we didn't buy ours as the Mr had a bizarre dazed look..) Despite it being small, there's lots to see and we still had fun. After we had finished, we got the opportunity to have a wander 'round the town but not before, of course, walking right to the end of the pier - well, as far as you can walk, picking me up some candyfloss on the way back! We then had a look up the lanes, and the little streets ending up at Churchill Square Shopping Centre where we did a little shopping, nothing too extravagant. Brighton is a lovely place and i'd love to go again, maybe when the weather is a little better! I don't know if it's a Brighton thing, but a lot of them seem to talk to themselves.. Weird. However, a Big Issue seller told me my hair was "wicked, man" which i was pretty pleased about as at the moment i'm rocking the 'i need to dye my hair'/accidental ombre style. Well, at least someone liked it!

How are you spending your summer?

- K ox


  1. what a great collection of pictures the fish and chips look so nom! I love the topshop playsuit :) very summery despite the rubbish rainy summer weather we seem to be having ergh. lovely post xxx

  2. i love your playsuit, it looks really flattering and i love the design on it :)
    love all the pictures in this post :D
    I live quite near brighton, it's such a lovely place isn't it - i love churchill square, the primark is amazing!
    take care <3 Holz oxo

  3. KAT you won't believe this...I have just got back from Brighton today!!!!
    Yes me and the Mr have been for the weekend, how much of a coincidence is that. Oh god, eee I love Brighton so much so. I'm going to share my pics this week, so watch out for that.

    We didn't go to the Sealife centre, instead ended up spending all our money on the pier in the arcades! We went out to eat at La Tasca last nite, it was so lovley!

    That playsuit is gorgeous btw xxx


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