14 May 2011

Red Alert

I spent a lovely day shopping with my mother, the weather has been totally irregular today! Sunshine, then clouds, sunshine, then clouds and the wind has been crazy!

Red H&M Shorts / Black & White H&M Top / Black H&M Cardigan / Tesco Tights / Claire's Golden Ball Necklace/ Floral H&M Scarf / Red Snake Lock River Island Satchel Via Gift / Vintage Sunglasses

It was so hit & miss that i did, in fact, throw on my Black Quilted Tesco Jacket, which is indeed part of my 30 for 20, just to add some extra warmth - as i am usually ALWAYS freezing. However, this did not spoil our day! I love spending time with my mum, she's like a best friend and we're very good at chit chatting! Plus, it's nice to have her to shop with as we pretty much help each other out, and appreciate each others advice! I'm sure many of you love to spend quality time with your mums too! It's her birthday tomorrow, and i'm very excited to go out to dinner with her and my dad, it'll be nice to actually take the time to sit down and chat, as things get so busy. It's nice to take that time out of a hectic schedule and daily grind to really make time for your family! Especially as it won't be as easy anymore, as of September with me moving to Southampton - which, by the way, i am getting even more excited for, especially reading Michelle's fab blog and looking at her incredible work!

Well, talking of shopping, i am desperately trying to make use of Boots' fabulous 3 for 2 offer on make up before time runs out, and i have been meaning to get my mitts on some Models Own Polish for a while and i finally got around to it!

"Jade Stone", "Purple Ash" & "Champagne"

Sadly, when i got home i found that the "Purple Ash" bottle was totally broken at the top, and unable to fasten which is very annoying as the boots i bought them from isn't close by and our local doesn't stock the brand! It does suck, but at least i didn't actually pay for it and it wasn't actually the colour i went for - i've been yearning for the "Vintage Pink" for FAR too long and i took this as a sign to get my arse in to gear and order it for myself, online! I added the "Fuzzy Peach" into my bag for good measure too... I managed to get a few other bits & bobs today too, including some lipsticks, as i'd really like to get into lippy for daytime! I'll do a post with my opinions soon, as there is absolutely NO point in me painting my nails tonight as i have work tomorrow and have to have clean nails!

As i said, i'm going out to dinner with my parents tomorrow night, for mum's birthday, and as tomorrow also isn't included in my 30 for 20 - i'm excited to wear something lovely for the occasion! Hoorah!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekends, so far, and that revision/FMP/work in general isn't stressing you out too much! xo

PS. I keep forgetting to mention! If you haven't been into Superdrug recently, you must! They have fashioned what is basically a 'Boots Card' for Superdrug! It works the same way as the Boots version, you earn points when you buy things and when you have enough points, you can use the instead of cash! I find it really handy, and it's such a good idea - save up your points for something you'd really like!

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