7 May 2011

A Little Chilly

I have spent today working my little fingers to the bone! So my outfit today was definitely geared for comfort:

Next Tall Leggings / H&M Leopard Top / H&M Black Strappy Top / Claire's Gold Ball Necklace

Sadly, the weather wasn't as beautiful as it has been for the past month, so the few cardigans i chose for my 30 for 20 didn't quite cover my shivers! So i had to add this crop jumper on top, just to keep me snuggly!

H&M Orange Crop Jumper

Today, i have been SO productive! One pair of lace shorts: Check! I have successfully made some lace shorts for my FMP, and i am now embarking onto my blazer - and i'm doing pretty well! It's definitely looking like a jacket, which is a HUGE relief, and the fabric is perfect - black lace and a gorgeous aubergine satin (both from John Lewis, if you're interested!) On Friday, at college, we're performing a photoshoot with full lighting, make up, backgrounds and get up, so i am desperately trying to finish my jacket before then as i want to feature the images i take in the presentation of my final FMP. My gorgeous friend Alex is modelling for me and i'm very excited to make her up! We're planning two sets of images, as the theme of my project was masculine ad feminine, one set will be trying to manage her lovely long hair into a top knot of some kind, dark lippy, geeky glasses to adorn her face and generally try and make a girl look masculine (or as much as we can!). The next set will be vamping it up with plenty of mascara, long flowing tresses and a bit of bra on show! It's going to be very fashion and i'm very excited to embark on it!

I'll be sure to show you all the fruits of my labours as soon as i get photographic evidence! xo

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