8 May 2011

Sunday (Friday) Feeling #15

001. This is a very belated Friday Feeling, this week, but i was so busy embarking on my 30 for 20 that i totally forgot about it! As it's Sunday, i'm not doing a 30for post today as Sundays are not counted in my 20 days! Pretty much due to the fact i spend my day in a lime green polyester blouse and black trousers for work. I'm enjoying the experience so far, but i'm still enjoying filling my time with online window shopping!

002. I am considering investing in some Topshop make up. You beautiful blogging ladies seem to love it, but i've always been a bit skeptical of this sort of thing - a brand who are very good at one thing, trying to do something else and failing miserably. Plus, i am a seriously devoted Rimmel customer, and i just don't know if anything could beat them!
These are the 3 items i am considering: Mascara in Raven, Nails in Green Room & Lips in Show Off. Does anyone have any experience with this products? I'm quite interested in giving them a go, as the colour looks intense, i'm also interested in Nails in Delusion & Lips in Rio Rio. The Show Off lippy is such a good shade though! I've been looking for a lipstick to try in a while, but i'm never sure what really suits me. I want something that's not too heavy and that i can wearing during the day, sometimes, as well as at night. I've also heard a lot about E.L.F, i browsed their website and their amazingly affordable prices really suck me in, however, i'm unsure of their lipstick shades. Any of your lovely advice would be appreciated!

003. I am just focusing on getting my project, or final piece at least, finished for Friday. I literally can't wait to get it done, it'll be a huge relief and i can't wait to start my long summer. I'm getting very stressed now, and i'm looking forward to the calm and relief after the storm. At the moment, the light at the end of the tunnel is looking a little far away, as things aren't totally going to plan, so keep your fingers, toes, eyes crossed for me!

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