27 May 2011

Friday Feeling #17

001. Well, it's fair to say Friday Feelings have well and truly been forgotten in the last couple weeks (due to a hideous work load and my 30 for 20) but i'm hoping to start them up again - however, next friday is the weekend i'm away so i'll try to post, but might save all my posting for when i return, but we shall see!

002. This week has been full of daytime TV, pyjamas, friends & (sadly) sniffly noses. I have seriously enjoyed not having to worry about anything and just doing what i like, but not so much enjoyed the fact my body has decided it's a good time to give me a hideous cold. I think i've had so much going on over the last couple months that my body has just been too busy to think about being ill, but now it's all come to a stop and everything has calmed down it's hit me like a tonne of bricks and come all at once! I guess i'd rather get it out the way now, so it's not plaguing me during my exciting summer!

003. During my lounging time, i was surprised to see that July's issue of Elle has already come winging it's way through my door, and it's not even June! Well, i guess that's one of the perks of being a subscriber! Anyway, i love to read the Elle Preview pages - in which they show interesting Artists, Designers, Films, Books, Fashion, etc - and this months was no exception. I thought i'd share with you the work of an Artist that originates from none other than my prospective University, Southampton Solent. He goes by the name of Tom Gallant, and has been challenging the 'taboos' around erotica since he discovered feminist writers while studying Graphic Design at Solent.

"Pornography is such a rich, loaded topic in society, it's a serious subject but there are moments when i like to create humour even if it's just in the title."

The collector III

When i like most about the work of Gallant, is that in all his work there is more than meets the eye. From merely the title, to the pornographic paper used to cut his images he is constantly trying to push the boundaries of art, and of society. My favourite work is these beautiful Moths, from The Collector I:

The Collector I

From afar they look simply like intricately cut Moths, made up of beautiful reds, creams, pinks, but when you get closer you realise these tones emerge from the pornographic paper, such as Readers Wives and other vintage top-shelf titles, used to create these magnificent creatures.

He spent several seasons spent collaborating with Marios Schwab, on prints, which introduced Gallant to the world of Fashion:

"For me it was ideal to take my images and put them back on the female form"

All sourced from Google
Gallant would like to collaborate with Schwab again, but for now he is focused on his latest project: Collages of birds using pornographic images of older women, which form part of House of Beasts - a year long group show at Attingham Park, Shropshire - House of Beasts is on from July 2011 - July 2012.

004. I'm really looking forward to this next week, as i'm going to spending some quality time with my mum - as she'll be off for half term, some time to pamper myself; getting my hair done and my legs waxed - needs must! and finally getting to see my gorgeous Mr after what feels like a life time (however, the time has really flown due to the amount of work we both have!). I'll have lots to update you on and lots of love outfits to show you too, i'm sure. Hold on tight, my lovely readers, i'm sorry things have been a little slow of late but as we all know this term is the worst of the lot! So, good luck to all those with exams and hand ins - i'm sure you'll all be ace! xo

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