26 May 2011

Tea for Six?

I spent last night with 5 of my lovely girl friends, celebrating our friend's 19th birthday (which is in fact today, so Happy Birthday, Ella, My Darling!) As things get very hectic during the academic year, we always loose sight of getting together and just having a laugh! But when we do, we always think why don't we make the time to do this more often! So, it was lovely to be able to take the time out to just chat, laugh and dance like total lunatics.

Jeans: Primark Tall / Black Strap Top: H&M / Lace Top: New Look / Yellow Cardigan: H&M / Bracelets: Glastonbury & Gift

I actually really like this simple outfit, it was was a good ensemble for just some chat and games with the girls, but still looked interesting - i don't wear this little lace crop top very often but i'm not sure why as it is utterly adorable and was purchased in the New Look sale! What a bargain!

We celebrated with (non-alcoholic) punch - which, to be honest, wasn't as tasty as it looked! - pink & green cupcakes and bizarre looking pizza (plus minstrels & malteasers!) but not altogether, obviously!

Our delicious table set for (not so) high tea / Our delicious (looking) punch, adorned with strawberry! / Harry's pink & green cupcakes on a gorgeous cake stand / Ella's pink birthday cake made by Emily / Ella's piece of cake, adorned with a minstrel / Dancing like lunatics / Harry's gorgeous pup Sybil joined in the games / Playing Articulate at Ten o'clock on a Wednesday night!

It was lovely to spend some time with my brilliant friends, it always makes me think how lucky i am! How do you like to spend time with your girl friends? xo


  1. This post made me laugh, I just did a post about how I spend my girldates with my best friend. Your food looked amazing - especially the cupcakes, nom! - and it looked like you had fun :)


  2. that cake looks totally delicious and I love your outfit too. the monochrome top works really well with the yellow =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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