31 May 2011

Crackle & POP

I'm still aliveee!

I hope you all had equally busy Bank holiday weekend, however i hope they were a lot more interesting than mine; as it involved lime green polyester (again), grumpy bank holiday shoppers, unbearable heat (inside) and heavy rain! I spent it earning my pennies to be saved for my summer & university funds, which however brilliant in the long run that will be, it wasn't made for an exciting weekend by any means! However, i spent my Bank holiday Monday evening painting my nails as next weekend is the infamous weekend away, hoorah, so i don't have to worry about having to take my nail varnish off this week - so i went a little varnish mad!

As i said in previous posts, i was interested in trying out the Models Own brand of Nail Varnish, and i've finally gotten around to trying the colours i bought:

Models Own Champagne & Fuzzy Peach

I absolutely love these colours together! I love the mix, rather than having all my nails the same colour - i've noticed that a lot of people in the blogging world, and otherwise, seem to be doing it a lot and i never thought i'd really like the mix but i proved myself wrong! As for the Models Own polish, i have to say i'm still a totally loyal Rimmel customer - not much can beat it's intense colour, drying time and price point in my eyes - but MO has cute packaging and funky colours on it's side!

Now, i know the whole blogging world and it's mother have jumped on the crackle polish ladder, but i hopped on a little late and am still loving the effect - especially on my toes, peeking out my glads for the summer!

Models Own Champagne & Fuzzy Peach / Barry M Black Instant Nail Effects

I LOVE THE CHAMPAGNE UNDER BLACK!! It looks super slick and i love it. The one criticism i have about the crackle polish is it's so hit & miss! I had to redo a couple of toes multiple times to get the desired effect, but i am happy with the end result.

Today i spent a lovely sunny (and showery) day with my lovely mother, pounding the pavements of St. Neots - well, not exactly pounding as my poor mum has a dodgy hip and it was giving her serious gip today, so it was more a slowly padding the pavements.. But there we go! I'll show you my purchases a little later on, but here is what i wore for the day in question:

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Strap Top: H&M / Spotty Top: Dorothy Perkins / Cardigan: H&M / Necklace: Claire's

Yes, yes! It's THAT top again, but i seriously love and it's ever so versatile & i love it paired with these camel jeans. I also wore my new gladiators from Linzi Shoes, which showcased my new tootsies perfectly!

Gladiators: Linzi Shoes

I had a wonderful day spent with my wonderful mum, and if you ever happen to be in the area - i highly recommend popping in to St. Neots! It has beautiful parks, a beautiful riverside and plenty of brilliant little country pubs! Me and mum chose 'The Priory' to stop for lunch in and it was super lovely, i'd give it a glowing recommendation! The food was yummy, the prices were excellent and the service was even better - i had a lasagne that made me melt, yummy! We spent a lovely day in Cath Kidston, sampling the food of St. Neots and popping in and out of the high street of St. Neots, which i really enjoyed.

I might show you some bits and bobs that came of my day soon! I hope you're all having a lovely week!

ps. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, FINALLY!!!!!!

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