24 April 2011

Sunshine and Smiles (& Chocolate!)

So, my things didn't work out how i was hoping for. on my Friday Feeling this week! I was all for outfit posts & pictures, however, things didn't quite go to plan! On Saturday morning i was getting up ready for the day ahead, planning to wear my new shorts (from Tesco!) ready to show you! But the Mr was getting up to, and he had different ideas, well rather his sinuses did, he began to have a pretty intense nose bleed that actually took over our entire day! It wasn't very nice to watch, but i braved my squeamish tendancies to be a good girlfriend! Luckily, we did make into Cambridge (on a scorching hot day!) but he looked awful all day, which made me feel very guilty as it was my fault we were there; which brings me on to my even sadder news: they've taken my Mac!

Sadly, it's been giving me jipp, turning on and waking from sleep, for the past couple of weeks so i took it to the geniuses at Apple and they have taken it for testing. It was a very sad moment, i feel like i'm missing my child! What's even worse, is that my essay is on that machine.. and it's in for Wednesday! Woops.

SO. Things haven't quite worked out how i would have liked, and i have no outfits to show you - which is unfortunate, as i dressed well this weekend - but i do have some photos to share with you of my weekend, mostly of Ely train station as i got to have a good look at the detail when our train to Cambridge was cancelled.

With a cheeky Brothers Strawberry Cider to end!

As i was asking your opinion on Models Own, in my last post, i decided to go through my polishes and have a go with some i haven't used in some time. I settled on Revlon's 'Revlon Red', i had never used Revlon before my mum raved about it, so i purchased some for myself and was amazed. The intense colour, the speedy drying and the fact you can put only one layer on and it looks like you're wearing three! Red is such a special colour and this Revlon one is amazing, i highly recommend it.

At it's £6. something price tag, it's a little pricier than my usual under a fiver Rimmels but it's totally worth the extra bucks.

I have also increased my Revlon Collection, adding 'Cherries in the Snow' (Pink) & 'Midnight Affair' (Shimmering Blue) - just as beautiful as my original red, i'm excited to try out some other colours!

I hope you've all soaked up the sun, this beautiful bank holiday weekend! xo

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  1. When I took my MAC in for repair I felt like I was missing a limb. It's crazy how attached we get to our computers but when blogging is such an intense hobby it's hard not too feel lost without your laptop. Love the nail varnish colour, it's so perfect for summer =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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