30 April 2011

(Sporadic) Friday Feeling #14

Top: New Look / Cardigan: H&M

001. As this title may suggest, my posting has become pretty sporadic over the last couple of weeks! My outfit posts have gone totally down the drain and my time is so limited, as i've been busying myself with this, that and the other!

002. For starters, i have FINALLY got my laptop back after a week of moaning and calling, it's finally home - safe & sound. I'm a little disappointed with Apple, as they said it would be returned to me in 3 - 5 days, and today it has been a week. After calling up numerous times to check up on what was happening, i was informed that they had been waiting for a 'part', suggesting to me that obviously something needed to be fixed, however when going into the shop today the "genius" informed me that nothing had been changed and basically they couldn't find any problems. Where did this so called 'part' come into it!? Slightly dubious about the whole thing, but i suppose i've got it back now and can get on with my slacking work load.

003. My lovely Mr is also returning to Southampton tomorrow, so i will be back to to complaining about my work load, my boredom and my missing of said Mr! However, it'll be good for both of us in this busy time, exams for him & FMP home straight for me. I'll miss having him around but we'll be venturing down to Dorset in 4 short weeks for a weekend away, so i'm sure it'll seem like he never left!

004. SO. The topic on everybody's lips: The Royal Wedding! & More importantly, THOSE dresses (1,2)! What did you all think!? I just felt ever so emotional throughout the whole thing, and i never thought i would be. I just personally think that Kate & Wills are such a lovely couple, they looked so young, happy and in love - some true british romance! I think that the wedding was exactly what this country needed, nothing like a wedding to bring us all together! I thought that Kate looked absolutely gorgeous, and together they looked immaculate. Sarah Burton completely outdid herself and she has permanently put herself on the fashion map. Both dresses suited Kate totally, and the style was just impeccable! Perfect! How did all of you spend your days? I spent mine just lounging watching the wedding coverage, spending time with my Mr & his wonderful family, ever so lovely, and at least the weather held out!

005. Now, i would love to say that from here on out i'll be updating you regularly, but as all you students know we are now entering exam month, and for me FMP month, so things are going to become a little crazy! I'll be using blogging as a form of escape, so will hopefully be updating here there & everywhere.

006. I am very sad about my lovely Mr leaving for Uni tomorrow, but i know that it won't be long before i'll have him for 4 long months and won't be able to get rid of him! However, by that point i'll be moving back with him! So, to all you long distancers entering the next dreaded month together, all the luck in the world & hang on in there!

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