1 May 2011

May Day.

I can't believe we've flown through April and we're already settling into May, where has the time gone! I feel like it was just yesterday that i was waking up on my 19th birthday, and that was on the 3rd! I feel the same way about May as i do about March, that it's such an in between month and it's only really there to fill the gap and to get you to June. The next month is not going to be great, but i'm looking forward to finally finishing my course at college and spending a long summer with my J and my wonderful family before i follow in the Mr's footsteps down south, to the beautiful Southampton, and set up camp for the next 3 years.

Everything is becoming very real and it's all coming scarily quickly, but i'm feeling ready for the next chapter to begin and for this one to end.

As the past couple of days have either been busy saying goodbye, in my pyjamas or in my work uniform, outfit posts have been a little AWOL but i promise there are plenty in the pipe line as i have some lovely new pieces to share with you!

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